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IIM-L Seminar Series

Date Campus Name of Faculty Affiliation Topic
28/Dec/2015 Lucknow Prof. Mahendra Joshi Grand Valley State University, USA Responses to the Discovery of Unethical Acts: An Organizational Identity and Reputation Perspective
22/Aug/2016 Lucknow Prof. Kuldeep Kumar Bond University, Australia Fraud, Corruption and Bribery: How to Detect and How to Prevent
27/Sep/2016 Lucknow Prof. Sanjay K. Singh IIM Lucknow Assessment of Passenger Satisfaction with Public Bus Transport Services: A Case Study of Lucknow City
4/Oct/2016 Lucknow Prof. Nishant Uppal IIM Lucknow Moderation effects of perceived organisational support on curvilinear relationship between neuroticism and job performance
27/Oct/2016 Lucknow Prof. Sanjeev Kapoor IIM Lucknow Understanding Farmers’ Buying Behavior
26/Dec/2016 Lucknow Prof. Manish K. Srivastava Michigan Technological University, USA Workshop on Econometrics using STATA
27/Dec/2016 Lucknow Prof. Alexander David Haskayne School of Business, University in Calgary, Canada Credit Ratings, Credit Crunches, and the Pricing of Collateralized Debt Obligations
17/Feb/2017 Lucknow Prof. Franz Wohlgezogen University of Melbourne, Australia Evidence-based Management and the Value of Field Experimental Research
18/Mar/2017 Lucknow Prof. Nishant Uppal IIM Lucknow Uncovering Curvilinearity in the Organizational Tenure-Job Performance Relationship: A Moderated Mediation Model of Continuance Commitment and Motivational Job Characteristics
27/Sep/2017 Lucknow Prof. Nishant Uppal IIM Lucknow Linking CEO Narcissism with Firm Performance- Role of Contextual Factors
4/Oct/2017 Lucknow Prof. Kshitij Awasthi IIM Lucknow Determinants of Selection of Ex-Bureaucrats as Board Members: A Study of Firms in India
29/Nov/2017 Lucknow Prof. Jyotirmoy Dalal  IIM Lucknow Strategic Emergency Preparedness Network Design Integrating Supply and Demand Sides in a Multi-Objective Approach
18/Dec/2017 Lucknow Prof. Atanu Chaudhuri  Aalborg University, Denmark Supply chain integration, risk management and flexibility and future research directions
18/Dec/2017 Lucknow Prof. Eldon Y. Li  National Chengchi University, Taiwan  How to publish in SSCI journals
28/Dec/2017 Lucknow Prof. Anupam Agrawal Texas A&M University, USA Product returns in a jewelry chain having online as well as brick-and-mortar stores
8/Jan/2018 Lucknow Prof. Ananth Krishnamurthy University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA From Models to Implementation: Lessons from Two Industries
16/Jan/2018 Lucknow Prof. Sunil Mithas University of Maryland, USA Information Technology and Income Mobility: Evidence from India
19/Feb/2018 Lucknow Prof. Paul Hempel City University of Hong Kong Tough Love and Creativity: How Authoritarian Leadership Tempered by Benevolence or Morality Influences Employee Creativity
21/Feb/2018 Noida Prof. Shavin Malhotra University of Waterloo, Canada The Value of CEO Extraversion: Implications for CEO Pay and Firm Performance
17/Aug/2020 Online Dr. Sourav Bhattacharya IIM Calcutta Political Economy of Identity Formation : Theory & Evidence from India
07/Sep/2020 Online Dr. Abhinav Narayanan Reserve Bank of India Natural Calamities & Household Finance : Evidence from Kerala Floods
28/Sep/2020 Online Dr. Vinod Mishra Monash Business School, Australia Financial Development & Top Income Shares in OECD Countries
28/Sep/2020 Online Dr. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe AICTE New Education Policy and Future of Management Education in India
Dr. Rishikesh B.S Azim Premji University New Education Policy and Future of Management Education in India
Nishant Saxena CIPLA New Education Policy and Future of Management Education in India
Alok Srivastava Cengage Learning New Education Policy and Future of Management Education in India
Prof. Archana Shukla IIM Lucknow New Education Policy and Future of Management Education in India
09/Oct/2020 Online Dr. Avanidhar Subrahmanyam UCLA Anderson School of Management Big Data in Finance: Evidence and Challenges