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Leadership and Human Values

I must first be the change that I wish to bring about in my world

M. K. Gandhi


Research studies have established that leadership is the most salient factor in the development as well as decline of any institution. Our Centre recognises the reality of leadership crisis in all forms of organisations and socio-cultural, political institutions. In order to meet this global challenge, the Centre for Leadership and Human Values aspires to promote :

  • Fostering the task of nation building through values- based leadership.
  • Creation of an international forum for managers, administrators, political leaders and diverse professionals to articulate multiple perspectives on leadership.
  • Appreciation of multi-disciplinary approaches to leadership theory and practice.
  • Personal and organisation transformation through leadership education Purpose.

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board comprising of national and international experts shall be established, the functions and powers of which shall be to :

  • Advice the Centre on policy strategy and direction in line with its core purpose.
  • Review the programmes and projects of the Centre.
  • Through the Centre‚Äôs Administrative Head receive comment on and forward information about programs of the Centre to the larger community.
  • The Advisory Board shall consist of individuals who can contribute to the conceptualising and development of program and projects. The intention is to include maximum diversity from the various national and international forums.

The Administrative / Academic Head

The Administrative / Academic Head shall be nominated / appointed by the Centre to fulfil the following responsibilities:

  • Promote the core purpose and objectives of the Centre.
  • Fulfil the executive functions of the Centre.
  • Co-ordinate activities with various stakeholders.
  • Seek funding in support of activities.
  • Represent the Centre to the Institute and various national, international forums.
  • Chair meeting of committees that may be established.
  • Undertake other functions and assume such power as may be recommended by the Director of IIM, Lucknow.

Core Faculty and Associates

Core Faculty and Associates will comprise the knowledge infrastructure of the Centre. They will create and disseminate knowledge for the users and subscribers to the Centre.

  • Bring out a Journal of Leadership and Human Values once a year. This journal will bring together contributions from academia industry, government on various aspects of a core theme that will be decided upon from time to time.
  • Offer two international seminar workshop every year on the subject of leadership.
  • Offer Executive Development and In-Company programs on behalf of the Centre.
  • Create a Library and knowledge resources base for specific requirements of the Centre.
  • Link up with other Centres & allied interests within India and aboard for collaborations.
  • Integrate with the other functional specialisation / interest within IIM, Lucknow to foster an inter-disciplinary approach to leadership.