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Case- ABCtronics: Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Client Interfaces.

Adhikari, Arnab, Indranil Biswas, and Arnab Bisi

INFORMS Transactions on Education 17, Vol no. 1 : 26-33., Operations Management, 2016-17


Marketing to Rural India- Challenges & Opportunities.

Aithal, R, and Satyam.

IMI Konnect 6, Vol no. 1 ., Marketing Management, 2016-17


Tamul Plates Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Aithal, Rajesh, and Dasgupta, Arindam.

Asian Case Research Journal ., Marketing Management, 2016-17


Performance of small and medium-sized food and agribusiness enterprises: evidence from Indian firms.

Ali, Jabir.

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 19, Vol no. 4 : 53-64., Agribusiness Management, 2016-17


Role of Dynamic Capabilities in Innovation Output of High‐Technology Firms. 

Aniruddha, Krishna, and Amita Mital.

Strategic Change 25, no. 4 : 401-425., Strategic Management, 2016-17


Corporate governance and firm performance in developing countries: evidence from India.

Arora, Akshita and Chandan Sharma.

Corporate Governance 16, Vol no. 2 : 420-436., Business Environment, 2016-17


The Journey of a Wild Berry: A Story of Rise, Fall, and Revival.

Awasthi, Maya Kant, and Sanjai K. Dwivedi.

Metamorphosis 16, Vol no. 1 : 60-65., Agribusiness Management, 2016-17


Influence of perceived price fairness on buying decision of rural consumer in India.

Awasthi, Maya Kant.

International Journal of Applied Management Research 3, Vol no. 1 ., Agribusiness Management, 2016-17


Configurations and entrepreneurial orientation of young firms: Revisiting theoretical specification using crisp-set qualitative comparative analysis.

Balodi, Krishna Chandra

Management Decision 54, Vol no. 4 : 1004-1019., Strategic Management, 2016-17


Phishing Detection and Loss Computation Hybrid Model.

Biswas Baidyanath, and Mukhopadhyay Arunabha.

ISACA Journal, Vol 1 ., Information Technology & Systems, 2016-17


The Association between Stock prices and Accounting Information: An Empirical Study in the Indian context. 

Chakraborty, M.

Udyog Pragati 39, Vol no. 4 ., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Outbound logistics management practices in the automotive industry: an emerging economy perspective. 

Chandra, Saurabh, Debabrata Ghosh, and Samir K. Srivastava.

Decision 43, Vol no. 2 : 145-165., Operations Management, 2016-17


Getting Girls to Schools!–Assessing the Impacts of a Targeted Program on Enrollment and Academic Performance. 

Chatterjee, Somdeep.

The BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 17, Vol no. 1 ., Business Environment, 2016-17


Risk propagation and its impact on performance in food processing supply chain: A fuzzy interpretive structural modeling based approach. 

Chaudhuri, Atanu, Samir K. Srivastava, Rajiv K. Srivastava and Zeenat Parveen.

Journal of Modelling in Management 11, Vol no. 2 : 660-693., Operations Management, 2016-17


A Piecewise Linear Multinomial Logit Model of Private Vehicle Ownership Behaviour of Indian Households.

Dash, Sarojeet, Vinod Vasudevan, and Sanjay Kumar Singh.

Transportation in Developing Economies 2, Vol no. 2 : 1-10., Business Environment, 2016-17


Ad-Hoc Black–Scholes vis-a-vis TSRV-based Black–Scholes: Evidence from Indian Options Market. 

Dixit, Alok, and Shivam Singh.

Journal of Quantitative Economics,  : 1-32., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


E-shopping momentum: a conceptual framework. 

Dubey, Ashish, and Sonika Raitani.

International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing 7, Vol no. 4 : 346-365., Marketing Management, 2016-17


The paradox of haptics and contamination: Literature review and research directions. 

Dubey, Ashish, and Yadav Shiv Shankar.

The Marketing Review 17, Vol no. 1 : 51-71., Marketing Management, 2016-17


Internationalization and performance of Indian born globals: Moderating role of presence of foreign equity.

Ganvir, Manish B. and Neeraj Dwivedi.

 International Journal of Emerging Markets 12, Vol no. 1 : 108-124., Strategic Management, 2016-17


Global Commodity and Oil Price Movements, Macroeconomic Performance...Experience.

Goyal, Saurabh and Rao, Tripati D.

Global Business Review, Business Environment, 2016-17


A framework for identification of opportunities for agribusiness and agripreneurship in India. 

Gupta, Kriti Bardhan, and Lok Bardhan Gupta.

Journal of Management Research and Analysis 4, Vol no. 1 : 30-34., Agribusiness Management, 2016-17


Clustering of Micro-Messages Using Similarity Upper Approximation. 

Gupta, Mukul, Kumar, Pradeep, and Bharat Bhasker.

International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems 25, Vol no. 01 : 53-79., Information Technology & Systems, 2016-17


HeteClass: A Meta-path based framework for transductive classification of objects in heterogeneous information networks. 

Gupta, Mukul, Pradeep Kumar, and Bharat Bhasker.

Expert Systems with Applications 68, : 106-122., Information Technology & Systems, 2016-17


Evaluating the predictive power of an ensemble model for economic success of indian movies. 

Gupta, Samrat, Saurabh Kumar, and Pradeep Kumar.

The Journal of Prediction Markets 10, Vol no. 1: 30-52., Information Technology & Systems, 2016-17


Determinants of being acquired in Indian manufacturing sector: a panel data analysis. 

Irfan, Mohd, Sarani Saha and Sanjay Kumar Singh.

Journal of Indian Business Research 8, Vol no. 4 :246-263., Business Environment, 2016-17


Modelling and constructing membership function for uncertain portfolio parameters: A credibilistic framework.

Jalota, Hemant, Manoj Thakur, and Garima Mittal.

Expert Systems with Applications 71,   : 40-56., Decision Sciences, 2016-17


How does transformational leadership influence proactive customer service behavior of frontline service employees? Examining the mediating roles of psychological empowerment and affective commitment. 

Jauhari, Hemang, Singh Shailendra and Kumar Manish.

Journal of Enterprise Information Management30, Vol no. 1 : 30-48., Human Resource Management, 2016-17


The Effect of Spillover on Volatility Forecasting: An Empirical Study in Indian Stock Market.

Karmakar, Madhusudan, and Girja Kant Shukla.

Metamorphosis 15, Vol no. 1 : 20-30., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Organizational citizenship behavior & employee well-being. 

Kumar, Manish, Hemang Jauhari, and Shailendra Singh.

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 51, Vol no. 4 : 594-608., Human Resource Management, 2016-17


. Do labels influence purchase decisions of food products? Study of young consumers of an emerging market. 

Kumar, Niraj and Kapoor, Sanjeev

British Food Journal 119, Vol no. 2 : 218-229., Agribusiness Management, 2016-17


Extensiveness of farmers’ buying process of agri-inputs in India: implications for marketing. 

Kumar, Niraj and Kapoor, Sanjeev.

Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies 7, Vol no. 1 : 35-51., Agribusiness Management, 2016-17


An upper approximation based community detection algorithm for complex networks.

Kumar, Pradeep, Samrat Gupta, and Bharat Bhasker.

Decision Support Systems 96, : 103-118., Information Technology & Systems, 2016-17


Proactive market orientation and innovation in India: The moderating role of intrafirm causal ambiguity. 

Lakshman, C., Rajeev Kumra, and Atanu Adhikari.

Journal of Management & Organization 23, Vol no. 1 : 116-135., Marketing Management, 2016-17


Mediating Effect of Loyalty Program Membership on the Relationship between Advertising Effectiveness and Brand Loyalty. 

Maity, Moutusy, and Seema Gupta.

Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice 24, Vol no. 4 : 462-481., Marketing Management, 2016-17


Face to face information seeking behavior of patients and impact on in-clinic satisfaction. 

Mehra, Payal.

Asia Pacific Management Review 20, Vol no. 4 : 293-303., Communication, 2016-17


Outpatient clinic waiting time, provider communication styles and satisfaction with healthcare in India.

Mehra, Payal.

International journal of health care quality assurance 29,  Vol no. 7 : 759-777., Communication, 2016-17


An algorithmic approach to group decision making problems under fuzzy and dynamic environment.

Mohanty, B.K., and Gupta, Mahima.

Expert Systems with Applications 55, Page No. : 118-132., Decision Sciences, 2016-17


Differential evolution algorithm for solving RALB problem using cost-and time-based models.

Nilakantan, J. Mukund, Izabela Nielsen, S. G. Ponnambalam, and S. Venkataramanaiah.

The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 89,  Vol no. 1-4 : 311-332., Operations Management, 2016-17


A Machine Learning Approach for Telemedicine Governance.

Pal Shounak, and Mukhopadhyay Arunabha.

ISACA Journal, Vol 1 ., Information Technology & Systems, 2016-17


An application of the directional distance function with the number of accidents as an undesirable output to measure the technical efficiency of state road transport in India.

Pal, Debdatta, and Subrata K. Mitra.

Transportation research part A: policy and practice 93, Page No. : 1-12., Business Environment, 2016-17


Asymmetric oil product pricing in India: Evidence from a multiple threshold nonlinear ARDL model. 

Pal, Debdatta, and Subrata K. Mitra.

Economic Modelling 59, Page No. : 314-328., Business Environment, 2016-17


Time-frequency contained co-movement of crude oil and world food prices: A wavelet-based analysis.

Pal, Debdatta, and Subrata K. Mitra.

Energy Economics 62, Page No. : 230-239., Business Environment, 2016-17


Technological progress and growth of India. 

Panda, H.

MA Convention Journal 11, Vol no. 1 ., Business Environment, 2016-17


Performance Impact of Temporal Strategic Fit: Entrainment of Internationalization with Pro‐Market Reforms. 

Popli, Manish, Mohammad Akbar, Vikas Kumar, and Ajai Gaur.

Global Strategy Journal, Strategic Management, 2016-17


Reconceptualizing cultural distance: The role of cultural experience reserve in cross-border acquisitions. 

Popli, Manish, Mohammad Akbar, Vikas Kumar, and Ajai Gaur.

Journal of World Business 51, Vol no. 3 : 404-412., Strategic Management, 2016-17


Correlations and Organisational Effects of Compensation and Benefits...India.

Rai, Himanshu, and Saxena. Neha.

Asia pacific Journal of Health Management 11, Vol no. 2 : 65-74., Human Resource Management, 2016-17


Employment and Employability for Economic and Social Inclusion in India. 

Rao, D.T., and Singh, S.

LMA Convention Journal 11, Vol no. 1 ., Business Environment, 2016-17


Aspire to build an ethical and sustainable organization? Renew thyself!. 

Sabyasachi Sinha.

Strategic Direction 33, Vol no. 1 : 7-9., Strategic Management, 2016-17


Managing an ambidextrous organization: balancing innovation and efficiency. 

Sabyasachi Sinha.

Strategic Direction 32, Vol no. 10 : 35-37., Strategic Management, 2016-17


Do Anchor investors create value for initial public offerings- An empirical investigation. 

Sahoo, S.

IIMB Management Review, Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Piercing the Corporate Veil: Judicial Approaches. 

Sengar, D.S.

Company Law Journal 1, Vol no.3 ., Legal Management, 2016-17


Corruption, governance and firm performance: Evidence from Indian enterprises. 

Sharma, Chandan, and Arup Mitra.

Journal of policy modeling 37, Vol no. 5 : 835-851., Business Environment, 2016-17


Infrastructure, information & communication technology and firms’ productive performance of the Indian manufacturing. 

Sharma, Chandan, Marie-Ange Véganzonès-Varoudakis, and Arup Mitra.

Journal of policy modeling 38, Vol no. 2 : 353-371., Business Environment, 2016-17


Does importing more inputs raise productivity and exports? Some evidence from Indian manufacturing. 

Sharma, Chandan.

Economic Issues 21, Vol no. Part 1 ., Business Environment, 2016-17


R&D, Technology Transfer And Productivity In The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Sharma, Chandan.

International Journal of Innovation Management 20, Vol no. 01 : 1650010., Business Environment, 2016-17


Performance of risk-based portfolios under different market conditions: Evidence from India. 

Sharma, Prateek and Vipul.

Research in International Business and Finance 34, Page No.: 397-411., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Economic benefits of using realized covariance forecasts in risk-based portfolios. 

Sharma, Prateek, and Vipul.

Applied Economics 48, Vol no. 6 : 502-516., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Forecasting stock index volatility with GARCH models: international evidence. 

Sharma, Prateek, and Vipul.

Studies in Economics and Finance 32, Vol no. 4 : 445-463., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Forecasting stock market volatility using Realized GARCH model: International evidence.

Sharma, Prateek, and Vipul.

The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 59,  Page No.: 222-230., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Effect of firm’s diverse experiences on its alliance portfolio diversity: Evidence from India. 

Shukla, Dhirendra Mani, and Amita Mital.

Journal of Management & Organization, Page No. : 1-25., Strategic management, 2016-17


Influence of Board of Directors on Corporate Diversification: Evidence from India. 

Shukla, Dhirendra Mani, and Neeraj Dwivedi.

Strategic Change 25, Vol no. 5 : 471-484., Strategic management, 2016-17


Examining Efficiencies of Indian ADRs and their Underlying Stocks. 

Singh, Aditi, and Madhumita Chakraborty.

Global Business Review 18, Vol no. 1 : 144-162., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Predicting Employee Engagement, Knowledge Sharing & OCB.

Singh, Ajay, and Gupta, B.

 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 52, Vol no.4 ., Human Resource Management, 2016-17


Application of Fuzzy Inference System to understand the intention to adopt 

Singh, K.N. and Jagdish, Sonia.

Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review 13, Vol no. 1 ., Operations Management, 2016-17


An empirical analysis of Risks in Indian Banks using Integrated Approach. 

Singh, P.

Udyog Pragati 40, Vol no. 1 ., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Measuring quality of life for public policy: a case study of Lucknow city. 

Singh, Sanjay K.

International Journal of Society Systems Science 7, Vol no. 3 : 238-254., Business Environment, 2016-17


Estimating and testing the significance of correlation coefficient obtained from truncated bivariate normal distribution. J

Singh, Shailendra, Kuldeep Kumar, Abhijit Bhattacharya, and H. Rai.

Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics 19, Vol no. 2 : 245-251., Human Resource Management, 2016-17


Performance of Black-Scholes model with TSRV estimates. 

Singh, Shivam, and Vipul.

Managerial Finance 41, Vol no. 8 : 857-870., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Does easy availability of cash affect corruption? Evidence from a panel of countries. 

Singh, Sunny Kumar, and Kaushik Bhattacharya.

Economic Systems 41, Vol no. 2 : 236-247., Business Environment, 2016-17


Crafting Responsible Management Practices in Business School Learning Outcomes: An Indian Case Study. 

Singhal, Neeraj, Preeti Suryawanshi, and Garima Mittal.

Vision 21, Vol no. 1 : 46-62., Decision Sciences, 2016-17


Nostalgic advertising in India: a content analysis of Indian TV advertisements. 

Srivastava, Ekta, Satish Sasalu Maheswarappa and Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran.

Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 29, Vol no. 1 : 47-69., Marketing Management, 2016-17


NPAs in Infra Sector- Agency cost and Information Symmetry.

Srivastava, V, and Kaveri, V.S.

The Indian Banker 3, Vol no. 9 ., Finance & Accounting, 2016-17


Employee Profile Configurator: A tool to improve effectiveness of a virtual team Factors. 

Swati kaul Bhat, Vandana Ahuja, and Neerja Pande.

International Journal of Networking & Virtual Organizations 17, Vol no. 3 , communication, 2016-17


Development of balanced-scorecard based supplier collaborative performance index.

Vaidya, O.S., and Chitnis, A.

International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management ,  , Operations Management, 2016-17


Efficiency Ranking Method (ERM-ST) using SFA and TOPSIS- Case of Indian Banks. 

Vaidya, O.S., and Chitnis, A.

International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management , Operations Management, 2016-17


Cross-Docking Center Location in a Supply Chain Network- A Social Network Analysis Approach. 

Vaidya, O.S., Daultani, Y., Kumar, S., and Barsing, P.

Global Business Review, Operations Management, 2016-17


Service delivery in a religious organisation- model and insights. 

Venkataramanaiah, S.

International Journal of Indian Culture & Business Management, Operations Management, 2016-17


Approaches for enhancing competitiveness of Moradabad handicrafts manufacturing units.

Venkataramanaiah, S., and Ganesh Kumar Nidugala.

 International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development15, Vol no. 3 : 253-273., Operations Management, 2016-17


An assessment of non-verbal communication skills of business school campus recruits in India: implications for stakeholder communication. 

Verma, Deepak, and Neerja Pande.

International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise3, Vol no. 3-4 : 251-264., communication, 2016-17


Silver shoppers and food shopping challenges: an analysis using critical incident technique approach.

Verma, Vimal Chandra, and Devashish Das Gupta.

European journal of economics and management sciences, Vol 4, Marketing Management, 2016-17


Parents' Perception towards Inclusion of Agriculture in School Curriculum in Rural India. 

Yadav, Amit, and Jabir Ali.

The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 22, Vol no. 3 : 241-254., Agribusiness Management, 2016-17


Measuring Consumer design perceptions for digital devices: A multi-dimensional scale

Abhishek Mishra, Satya Bhusan Dash, Naresh Malhotra & Dianne Cyr (2015)

Journal of Brand Management, Vol.22 No.7, pp.603-630, Marketing Management, 2015-16


Adoption and Correlates of Western Concepts of High Performance Work System in the IT Industry in India

Ajay Singh, G. Singh, & J. Beatty (2016)

International Journal of Organizational Analysis, Vol.24, No.4, pp.550-572, Human Resource Management, 2015-16


Antecedents and moderators of brand trust in the context of baby care toiletries

Amit Mookerjee, Neha Srivastava, & Satya Bhushan Dash (2015)

Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 32 No.5, pp.328 - 340, Marketing Management, 2015-16


Gaming Dependency among Indian Adolescents: A Phenomenological Study

Anjali Malik, Rajeev Kumra & Smitha Girija

International Journal of Indian Culture & Business Management, Vol.12 No.3, pp.361-375, Marketing Management, 2015-16


Performance assessment of tennis players: Application of DEA

Asmita Chitnis and Omkarprasad S. Vaidya (2014)

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 133, pp. 74-83, Operations Management, 2015-16


Mediating role of resilience in the impact of mindfulness on life satisfaction and affect as indices of subjective well-being

Badri Bajaj and Neerja Pande (2016)

Personality and Individual Differences, Vol. 93, pp.63-67, Communication, 2015-16


Self-esteem mediates the relationship between mindfulness and well-being

Badri Bajaj, Ragini Gupta & Neerja Pande, (2016)

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Mediating role of self-esteem on the relationship mindfulness, anxiety and depression

Badri Bajaj, Richard W. Robins & Neerja Pande, (2016)

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Goodness of Fit in Restricted Measurement Error Models

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Macroeconomic fundamentals and dynamics of the Indian Indianrupee dollar exchange

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Business Practices of Indian Cement Industry: An Evidence of Possible Cartelization

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Antecedents of Retail Shopping Behaviour of Senior Citizens- A literature review and scope for further research

Devashish Das Gupta (2016)

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Solving the Two-Facility Network Design Problem with 3-Partition Facets

Faiz Hamid and Y.K. Agarwal (2015)

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Impact of structure, market share and information asymmetry on supply contracts for a single supplier multiple buyer network

Indranil Biswas, Balram Avittathur & Ashis K. Chatterjee (2016)

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Global Meat Market: Structural Changes across Geographical Regions

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Adoption of Innovative Agricultural Practices Across the Vegetable Supply Chain

Jabir Ali (2016)

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Impact of Payment Technology on Seasonality of Currency in Circulation

Kaushik Bhattacharya & Sunny Kumar Singh

Journal of Quantitative Economics, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 117-136, Business Environment, 2015-16


Configurations of Resources, Strategy, Structure and Environment in Young High-technology Firms: Evidence from Qualitative Comparative Analysis

Krishna Chandra Balodi & Shubhabrata Basu (2015)

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Intraday Risk Management in International Stock Markets: A Conditional EVT Approach

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Multi-Stage Multi-Objective Production Planning Using Linguistic and Numeric Data - A Fuzzy Integer Programming Model

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The impact of product substitution and retail capacity on the timing and depth of price promotions: theory and evidence

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Modeling Coopetition in Aircraft Spare Part Supply Chain: Game-Theoretic Approach

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Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? Uttar Pradesh Women Power Line 1090

Neeraj Dwivedi & Nishant Saxena (2015)

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Does the Consumers Buying Behavior Differ for Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food Products? Evidences from Emerging Markets

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Developing ordering policy based on multiple inventory classification schemes

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Be a Radio Jockey': An Experiential Learning Assignment in a Cultural Communication Course

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Are we set for Electric Cars? Questioning the Environmental Readiness of India

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Role of gratitude and obligation in long term customer relationships

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Unraveling Religious Advertisements' Effectiveness in a Multi-Religious Society

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Similarity upper approximation based clustering for recommendation system

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A goal programming and simulation based study for overall process improvement in an Indian hospital

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The Price of Heritage: An Investigation of Hotel Prices

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Market Entry, Product Quality and Price Competition

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Quality of Life in Lucknow: A Principal Component Analysis

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Does Market Structure Matter? Evidence from this Indian Cement Industry

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Use & Contribution of Information Sources in Buying Process of Agri-Inputs by Farmers in India

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Why do Indian Military Officers Want to Leave? An Empirical Investigation

Satya Bhusan Dash, Rakesh Kumar Jaiswal & Abhishek Mishra

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Signaling by IPO Grading: An Empirical Investigation

Seshadev Sahoo (2016)

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Dynamics of Stakeholder Interactions Influencing Corporate Sustainability Practices, Sustainability Accounting

Shamama Afreen and Sushil Kumar (2016)

Management and Policy Journal, Vol. 7 No. 3, pp.350 - 375, General Management, 2015-16


Performance of the Hestons Stochastic Volatility Model: A Study in Indian Index Options Market

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Determinants of Lapsation of Life Insurance Policies: An Empirical Investigation for the Indian Market

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Work Engagement & Work Allocation: Distinct or Opposites

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Market Structure Analysis of Health and Wellness Food Products in India

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Project Finance Bank Loans and PPP Funding in India: A risk management perspective

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Leadership and Creative Performance Behaviors in R&D Laboratories: Examining the mediating role of justice Perceptions

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Improving Out-Patient Flow at an Indian Opthalmic Hospital

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