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Master of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship and Innovation


The MBA (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) program follows a curriculum philosophy and pedagogy based on:

(A) Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Skills (50%) that will be imparted through multi-disciplinary courses at the post-graduate level.

(B) Industry Inputs, Immersion, and Mentorship (50%) that will be delivered through concurrently running workshops, a mentorship program with alumni entrepreneurs, shadowing opportunities, and experiential learning.

Program Curriculum

Module 1: Problem Articulation

Define the parameters of your initial idea

Module 2: Solution Design

Prepare, validate, and test your solution

Module 3: Business Plan

Convert your idea and solution into a feasible business plan for implementation

Module 4: Immersive Learning Experience

Work with an entrepreneur / venture capitalist / incubator / international partner institution for practical experience

Module 5: Go to Market and Fund Raising

Prepare to raise funds and launch your venture