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About IIML-Wiley Executive Program on Business and Data Analytics

As per Forbes, today every company is a technology company, no matter what product or service it provides. Also, every company is a data company, whether they know it or not. The companies that embrace this fact are the ones that will remain ahead in the game. No organization can make, deliver or market its product efficiently without technology and data.

Similarly, to remain relevant, future leaders and professionals must understand how technology and data affects their businesses. This does not mean a new technology product idea or a new software or app.  It means really understanding how technologies such as AI organically flows through the business and shapes the market, and customer demands and supply synergies. Professionals who can leverage data, technology and business expertise to reimagine customer experience, new product innovation or bring in business efficiency would be the leaders of tomorrow.

The IIML-Wiley Executive Program on Business and Data Analytics is a unique program developed by IIML and Wiley to build leaders of tomorrow, who are expected to lead with a strong cognizance of data, emerging technologies and domain in a digital economy—and understand how to leverage all three for maximizing business growth.

Developed by best in class faculty at IIML and Wiley along with the Wiley Innovation Advisory Council industry experts in emerging technologies, the 6-month intensive program implements completely experiential learning methodologies, integrating concepts and application of these concepts to context, via exposure to hands-on use of data and analytics across industries and functions.

The program integrates classes by esteemed IIML faculty, various business cases and masterclasses by top industry experts, as well as working with labs and projects to deliver strong learning in the power of data, AI and analytics; the methodologies for exploring and analyzing data, communicating insights from data, applying machine learning algorithms in various business scenarios and ultimately converting a business problem to analytics problem thereby helping build business processes and strategies underpinned by technology.



The Defence General Management Program (DGMP) is a six month course in Business Management conducted for the experienced professionals of the Indian Armed Forces by Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow at its Noida campus. The program’s unique design has been evolved based on IIM Lucknow’s experience and takes into account the present and future industry requirements. DGMP students are put through a rigorous curriculum comprising case method based pedagogy which equips them with the necessary knowledge and skill set to smoothly transition to the corporate world. The course curriculum ensures that the veterans, who already have proven leadership skills and varied experience, are chiseled into a human resource that would be a valuable asset to any organization.


This Program aims to provide cutting edge knowledge in the frontiers of Human Resource Development and Management. The Program is designed to provide training in the techniques and nuances in human resource management expected of a successful professional in the corporate sector, banks, and financial institutions or in any entrepreneurial venture. The unique feature of the program is the context in which the program will be delivered. The economic slowdown has had an impact on all aspects of business and in this context, the HR response to the economic slowdown becomes the key to success. The program will also touch upon the HR challenges in the slowing economy to prepare working executives to come up with appropriate response to the current environment.

About EGMP

With the current growth of Indian Economy and its positioning in the Global Market, there is a clear need for a comprehensive program that educates and prepares professionals in their middle career to transform themselves from functional specialists to generalists and to further prepare them to lead the business operations. The objective of this program is to systematically prepare professionals to take on the responsibility of leading and managing business operations successfully not only in the domestic markets but in global environment too. Executive General Management Program has been designed to create the business leaders who can effectively and efficiently lead their teams to create value in the current business environment. Practically it has been observed that the early career success comes by developing specialized skills in a particular functional area, however after few years, this specialization itself becomes a bottleneck for the progress not only at the individual level but also at the organizational level. Organizations need professionals who have holistic view and skill set cutting across the functions. People at the mid- career level find a major need to develop skills in various areas of management. There is clear need of understanding various qualitative and quantitative techniques of management for them to take further roles in their respective organizations. EGMP is specially designed for the middle level executives to strengthen the area of their current specialization along with developing a comprehensive view of other functions of management. The program contents will help the individuals to develop a strong understanding of Indian and international business not only conceptually but analytically too.


Business Analytics employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, operations research, information science, and computer science. Demand for trained Business Analysts has witnessed a massive growth in recent years. Data analysis is not only essential but crucial for meeting the challenges of making most efficient strategic decisions. The aim of this course is to introduce learners to the different tools and techniques used for handling, managing, analyzing, and interpreting data. This course offers a hands-on learning experience with introduction to specialized software such as MS Excel, XL-Miner, SPSS, R etc. This course is designed for working professionals who want to advance their career in data manipulation. Participants will be required to form small teams and undertake organization-based specialized or comprehensive projects of their choice, in the areas of marketing, finance and operations, to be guided by IIML faculty.


In today’s marketplace, sales force and marketing professional provides top line revenue growth and market intelligence as they manage customers. But now every industry is becoming more competitive. Structured course that impart knowledge and skill to the sales and marketing professional can be the only best point of differentiation in this competitive era. This one year Programme is a unique Programme that is targeted at sales and marketing professionals who are looking to upgrade their professional knowledge and skill from an institute of repute. This course gives them a formal conceptual knowledge and practical underpinnings and also helps them to prepare for next level of responsibility in their current organization. Sales professionals who are looking for change to marketing domain will also find this course a value add. This course lays equal importance on both the function viz. sales and marketing. Further it is divided into core and elective offerings in each. This course will cover a various topics few of them are; sales force management, contemporary selling skills, distribution management, branding, advertisement and digital marketing to name a few. Pedagogy adopted will be mix of lectures, simulation games, relevant Indian case studies, and hands on guided project report.

About EPBM

The objective of this program is to develop managerial capabilities among the people who are in the early stages of their career to enable them to effectively make managerial decisions and lead future challenges. Under the program the participant will be trained to develop the interpersonal and communication skills necessary for higher level managerial responsibilities. The program focuses on functional management skills, strategic planning and execution and complimentary soft skill to enhance the technical expertise of the participant

Advanced Program in Integrated Marketing Strategy (APIMS Batch 01)

Link: https://talentedge.in/iim-lucknow/integrated-marketing-strategy-course

Irrespective of any era, kind of industry and vertical, the backbone of any business has been its marketing function. Over a period of time the nature of marketing has changed primarily due to highly connected world (internet), digitization (due to smart devices) and changing aspiration of people (demographics). Today, the person or organization is compelled to respond to the market requirements almost on daily or hourly basis and hence a different preparation is needed from the marketing functions of the organization. The traditional marketing function needs to be augmented to help create a complete marketing function ready to take on any business challenge.

To address above challenges IIML has designed this course which has following pillars and due to this coverage this becomes a comprehensive and contemporary program in marketing management.

1.Marketing Management

2.Sales and Distribution Management

3.Digital Marketing

4.Integration of Conventional and Digital Marketing Strategies

Advanced Program in Leadership for Business Excellence (Batch 01)

Enhance Your Leadership Skills for Business & Individual Growth: Identifying and developing leadership that is aligned for business excellence is a challenge faced by most organizations today. With continuous change in the profile and priorities of the human capital over the years, the nature and style of leadership has no option but to adapt to ensure there is equal focus on revenue as well as employee satisfaction.

Advanced Program in Leadership for Business Excellence from IIM Lucknow is conceptualized to address this critical need of leaders and managers who are ready to take on the challenge of not only to make the organizations survive but to make it grow manifold. The course focuses on two major aspects of individual and organizational success factors- which are STRATEGY and LEADERSHIP. These two critical factions are studied in the context of Business Excellence and not in isolation.

The course teaches structured concepts, tools and techniques of leadership and strategy as aspects and implementation of which of these will be appropriate and effective for organizational and individual growth. It also offers insight into theories and application of strategy and leadership with an emphasis on learning knowledge, skills and values.


The six months program in the domain of Marketing Analytics from IIM Lucknow is s comprehensive program. Some of the topics that will be covered in the program are Understanding the marketing analytics, summarize Marketing data using Excel and R programming, Forecasting, Pricing Analysis, Analyzing Customer Preference, Retailing Analytics, Advertising and Promotion Analytics, Customer Valuation, Web Analytics, Social Liestening and Analytics. The program helps in building theoretical insights and practical applications in this domain.