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  • Online Workshop on Teaching and Practicing Marketing Research

    About the workshop

    Date: 23 - 25 June, 2023

    CMEE’s offering this program is aligned with its goal of bringing state-of-the-art marketing research practices to the Indian and international markets, raising quality standards in marketing research, and developing more effective marketing strategies. Marketing research is regarded as a foundational topic in marketing education and comprises one of the most important components of marketing practice. Many instructors, however, often consider marketing research a challenging topic to teach and a dry subject for the participants to learn. This workshop attempts to provide an innovative teaching methodology in a way that will engage the participants across industry, academia, and public sector. An attractive curriculum comprising hands-on exercises, case studies, and group projects will be shared to address the challenge of teaching and practicing marketing research. Participants will be exposed to emerging facets of qualitative and quantitative marketing research tools and techniques commonly used in marketing and consumer behavior research for marketing decisions. Also, this workshop is a one-time opportunity for marketing research practitioners to understand the process of conducting marketing research in depth.

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    In case of any concerns, please contact:

    Mr Ishan Srivastava, Marketing Manager-CMEE, IIM Lucknow-Noida campus

    Mob.:+91-8826280997, +91-9140572297 e-mail:

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  • 37th Annual Convocation on 18th March 2023

    Mr. Dinesh Kumar Khara, Chairman, State Bank of India

    is the Chief Guest and will deliver the Convocation Address.

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  • Samvaad - In converation with Alumni at IIM Noida Campus

    Samvaad - In converation with Alumni at IIM Noida Campus

    On behalf of the Director of Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow - Prof. Archana Shukla, Dean of Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow Noida Campus - Prof. Neerja Pande, Alumni Affairs Chairperson – Prof. Madhumita Chakraborty and President of the IIM Lucknow Alumni Association – Prof. Vinit S Chauhan, the IIML Noida Campus Alumni Committee would like to express its sincere gratitude to our beloved alumni for taking out time to share their valuable insights, experiences and personal journeys during the SAMVAAD 2022 Noida Chapter held on 29th and 30th October 2022. The event comprised of three engaging panel discussions centered around the theme – “Envision Business Ecosystem: Proact and regulate’”, with distinguished speakers from diverse domains. We would like to extend our warm regards to Mr.Sharat Chander Head of Public Policy, APAC Coursera to share a keynote message on the theme during the inaugural session of the event. It was a pleasure to host Mr.Abhishek Mathur and Mr.Joy Devgourev Sharma in Panel 1 – “Aligning business priorities with the new normal”; Mr.Sumit Kumar Singh and Mr.Vaibhav Singh in Panel 2 - "Building business through innovation "; and Ms.Ankur Khushu , Mr.Hemant Purohit and Mr.Gagan Deep Singh in Panel 3 – "Reimagining business uncertainty " Thanks to all the illustrious alumni for making the discussion so engaging and knowledgeable for us. We were elated to see the enthusiasm, happiness, and further engagement motivation among all of you. We look forward to hosting similar impactful sessions with our alumni in the future! We want to convey our thanks to Rajesh Ramteke Sir and Parithosh Sir, for their unparalleled support. PGP-Sustainable Management, IIM Lucknow IIM Lucknow PGP-WE IIM Lucknow IPMX (One Year MBA) IIM Lucknow Alumni Committee #iimlucknow #iim #alumnipride #paneldiscussion #samvaad2022 #samvaad #reimagining #resur gence #mba #leaders #consulting #finance #marketing #operations #entrepreneurship #prodman #pgpsm #conclave #sustainabilityß

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  • Sanrakshan 2022

    Sanrakshan 2022

    IIM LUCKNOW PGP-SM Presents SANRAKSHANThe Business Sustainability Conclave October 15 & 16, 2022

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  • Samvaad – In Conversation with Alumni

    Samvaad – In Conversation with Alumni

    “Samvaad – In Conversation with Alumni” was organized by the Alumni Committee of IIM Lucknow on the 02nd and 03rd September 2022 on the theme 'Reimagining Resurgence: Now, Next & Beyond'. Ten illustrious alumni of IIM Lucknow, most of them CXOs in leading companies, shared valuable insights, experiences and personal journeys during the interactive discussions with the students and faculty.

    The insights focused on uncovering how Indian businesses are on their way to recovery after the long-lasting impact of the pandemic and what it means for the student community of IIM Lucknow. The resurgence is marked by an increasing focus on technology as an enabler and sustainable business practices for the long term, and we further explored the themes together with our panelists.

    We witnessed three enriching panel discussions over two days focusing on ‘Disruptive innovation’, ‘Navigating the unpredictable’, and ‘Building a ‘Winning’ Brand’ . This year, IIM Lucknow hosted a diverse set of alumni from batches 1998 right up to 2017, with alumni speakers with expertise in multiple domains such as Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Operations, and Entrepreneurship. Our esteemed alumni with experience in major industries such as Banking, Logistics, E-commerce, FMCG, Technology and Private Equity & Venture Capital attended the event.

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