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Music Band – 3.4

Three.Four is the official band of IIM Lucknow. With a range of music from Indian classical to International music and all that lies in between, they aim to spread peace, music and a bit of cheer on campus. They present a chance for the musically inclined to showcase their talents through concert formats throughout the year.


The objective of Club Abhivyakti is to help the young students of IIM Lucknow to express themselves in the form of Dramatics. The Club helps theatre enthusiasts to showcase and develop their acting, writing and directional skills. The club events are always open-to-all for the students of IIM Lucknow.

Art Strokes

Art Strokes, the Fine Arts Club of IIM Lucknow has the following objectives and functions:

  • To promote and develop a culture of art on the campus
  • To provide a platform and for amateurs to learn and professionals to showcase art forms
  • To organize professional workshops for various forms of Fine arts
  • To decorate and create an ambience for various celebrations on the campus

Random Walk

“Dance like no one is watching. Dance with your heart, mind and soul.”

Random walk (RW) binds not only those who can dance, but also those who love and enjoy dancing. Random Walk is the official dance troupe cum choreography club of IIM Lucknow. It was initially started as a small dance interest group to help provide dancers an opportunity to continue pursuing their art. Till today, for dance enthusiasts, the club stands to be the biggest extracurricular activity, providing the much required break from academic life. Though the general managerial activities of the club are carried out by its members, other dance enthusiasts in the institute come together whenever a dance performance is to be staged. So the club basically represents IIM Lucknow’s dancing community. It provides lot of opportunities in the form of competitions, events and workshops for igniting the spark of interest present in the budding managers and honing their skills towards showcasing their talents.

The club has come a long way from its humble start. Today it has built itself a very strong internal brand image and is fast proceeding to stamp its name among the institutes in and around Lucknow.

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Credence Capital

Credence Capital is a student run investment advisory club that aims to further IIM Lucknow's community knowledge in financial markets, asset markets and personal finance through exposure to trading and investment analysis. The club is responsible for creating awareness in dealing with various financial instruments and a cost benefit analysis of the same. The club is also responsible for promoting knowledge of business, economics and finance on campus along with sectoral knowledge. This helps the student community to remain updated and at the same time develop a deep grounding in understanding the macroeconomic scenario.

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Forty Two

The Forty Two Club was launched in 2014 as the official literary and public speaking club of IIM Lucknow. Inspired by the Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the club was christened The Forty Two Club.

The key purpose of the club is to awaken latent interest towards literary engagement on campus. They aim to inspire fellow students to read and discuss books, write essays, poetry and short stories, participate in literary games and contests, engage in debates, mock parliaments and other similar activities. They look forward to foster healthy social interactions for like-minded individuals and provide a platform for intellectual activities.

Their responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Promoting literature and conducting literary and public speaking events in the institute
  • Forging ties with the staff community on campus, with the aim of promoting speaking skills of the larger IIM L community,
  • Maintaining an active online forum to promote and conduct activities of the club in order to reach a larger set of prospective participants within and outside the campus
  • Forming a team of literary and debating enthusiasts to represent IIM-L in literary events across various institutes, and act as the point of contact for events by external agencies.
  • Provide a platform for connecting book enthusiasts on campus, facilitate exchange of books, promote reading through pre-decided genres and titles and foster discussion on the read books.

Right Angles

Right Angles is the photography club of IIM Lucknow. The primary aim of the is to spread the magic of photography among the student community. In this endeavour, the club conducts numerous events across the academic year.

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Quizzing Commoners

There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge. - Bertrand Russell.

The human mind is relentless in the pursuit of knowledge. This thirst for knowledge is what drives his progress in any field. And of course, what format for the transfer of knowledge could be as exciting, or as beautiful, as a quiz? Only through this format can you combine the nail biting suspense, the sheer thrill of neurons firing off and the feverish search through millions of thoughts, until you finally stumble upon that elusive detail, culminating in a Eureka moment of pure happiness as you realize the answer. Quizzing Commoners (Q-Comm) was established in 2009 by the quizzing enthusiasts of IIM Lucknow. Q-Comm aims to ignite this spark of quizzing that exists in everyone’s heart. Quizzing Commoners offers a lot to its participants and there are a lot of reasons to participate in the quizzes:

  • Quizzing as a sport greatly enhances the inquisitiveness of students helping them explore a wide range of topics.
  • It increases daily awareness and helps boost positive habits such as reading and independent research.
  • Students are up to date in recent development across a large range of fields - the requirement of the day is to be well informed.
  • It facilitates lateral thinking, by presenting and answering questions in an irregular format.

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Spic Macay

Spic Macay is the IIM Lucknow student chapter of the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth. SPIC MACAY seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of this rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the youth of this country through focus on the classical arts, with their legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy and to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values.


Toastmasters is an International forum aimed at developing one’s communication & leadership skills. IIM Lucknow chapter of Toastmasters club falls under the preview of North East region of Toastmasters District 41. As per IIM Lucknow the club is a single entity called Toastmasters, whereas internally we operate as two clubs as per Toastmasters International. Both the clubs have a common President and six executive committee member each to govern the club to meet its goals and help its members.