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Student Committees

Alumni Committee

Alumni Committee of IIM Lucknow acts as a link between the IIML Alumni Association and the institute. It keeps the alumni engaged and updated about college activities through social media and email newsletters. One of the major activities of this committee is to maintain job postings of different domains and leverage the alumni for better career opportunities.


Bhavishya is the social initiatives committee of IIM Lucknow. The aim is two-fold:

  • To raise awareness about social issues among the students of IIM Lucknow, sensitize them and energize them to take action; and
  • To actively engage in projects that directly benefit society at large. Through their activities in education, health, women empowerment and other social sectors, they leverage the technical and managerial competencies of students and the faculty at the institute to help the underprivileged. Till date, Bhavishya has reached out to thousands of beneficiaries through its activities.

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Cultural Committee

IIM Lucknow’s Cultural Committee was initiated as a club in the academic year 2015-16 and has since then been one of the most active body on the campus responsible for organizing cultural events throughout the year.

Entrepreneurship Cell

Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Lucknow fosters entrepreneurial spirit among the students through innovativeness, knowledge sharing, mentorship, hands on experience, competition, networking and monitoring.

They provide a platform in terms of seed-funding, incubation, mentoring, training & knowledge dissemination to convert path breaking business ideas into self-sustaining business ventures. 'Abhiyan' is a space for students who are interested in setting up their own venture.

It aims to transform the innovative ideas into viable business propositions.

They ensure that incubates are provided adequate infrastructural, financial and mentorship support throughout the period. Deferred placement process has also been introduced to create an entrepreneurial culture minimizing fear of failure.

Industry Interaction Cell

The Industry Interaction Cell (IIC) aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry. As a committee, they do not work in silos or departments, and everyone gets an opportunity to work in all the verticals in various events. They try to invite leaders not only from big corporations but accomplished people across domains like sports, film industry, novelists, economists, social entrepreneurship etc.

INDEX Committee

INDEX (INformation through Disguised EXperimentation) is the Marketing Research Cell of IIM Lucknow. It was constituted in 1995 with the objective of providing a platform for the students of IIM Lucknow to undertake quality market research through live projects, and also build corporate relationships. The committee provides a platform for students to gather unbiased data through disguised questioning by organizing the largest disguised MR fair in the country.

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Infrastructure & Audit Committee

Infrastructure and Audit Committee is responsible for infrastructure, audit of all the club & committees and to bring convenience deals for making the student stay more comfortable. IAC acts as facilitators between student community and third party vendors by doing collective bargaining to bring out the best possible price.

Various Deals:

  • Provides convenience deals during convocation (Hotel deal)
  • Logistics deal
  • Cooler (second hand and new cooler) deal
  • Winter Blanket deal
  • CUG deal
  • Suit deal
  • Laptop deal


Manfest-Varchasva is the annual Business, Sports & Cultural Festival of IIM Lucknow. The 3-day event is a confluence of Manfest, the Business Conclave and Varchasva, the Sports and Cultural Festival. This 30-year-old legacy has established its position as one of the most popular and biggest student-run fests across India. Over the 3 days, thousands of students come together to witness and be a part of a plethora of precocious events that appeal to one and all. The fest draws its participation from elite and well-established B-Schools, Engineering and Undergraduate Colleges.

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Media and Communication Cell

MCC acts as the sole communications liaison between IIM Lucknow and the external world, working in close coordination with the Corporate Communications and Media Relations Cell of IIM-L. MCC endeavours to promote the mission of brand IIM by providing relevant media exposure to the institute.

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Mess Committee

The mess committee endeavours to facilitate the mess managers and employees in providing good quality food, 4 times a day to the IIML student body.

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Placement Committee

  • The Placement Committee at IIM Lucknow works with the objective of fostering corporate relations and undertaking placement activities for students.
  • The committee is responsible for activities including:
    • Year round interaction with companies
    • Facilitating company presentations and pre-placement talks
    • Conducting the placement processes i.e. Summer Placement Process, HEPP and Final Placement Process
  • It is a committee constituted by students, working under the guidance of a Placement Chairman, who is a faculty member

Sports Committee

Sports Committee was formed to cater to the sports requirements of IIM Lucknow students by helping organize sport meets, provide sports consumables for institute teams and IIML students in general, arrange coaching facilities for the institute teams as and when required, maintain sports infrastructure with help from Infrastructure Secretary and encourage participation of students in various sport events.

STEX Committee

STEX Committee works as a facilitator on three fronts namely, the incoming students to IIM Lucknow, the outgoing students and fostering the growth of IIM Lucknow’s students exchange program by creating promotional materials meant for international students and institutions.


Disha works so as to aid and mentor the students of IIM Lucknow in preparation for their Summer Placement, HEPP and Final placements. Disha works with the Placement Committee to ensure smooth placement process.

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Synapse manages all the information portals and is the single point of contact for Knowledge Management servers at IIML. They as a team are committed towards making the life of the students at IIM Lucknow a lot easier by streamlining various processes and to enhance their learning experience by conducting various events and guest lectures.

ISACA Student Group(ISG)

ISACA is a global, non-profit organization which engages in the development and adoption of industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems. It defines the role of information systems governance, security, audit and assurance professionals worldwide.
ISACA Student Group(ISG) at IIM Lucknow is the student chapter.

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