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IIM Lucknow

Process Guidelines

Pre-Placement Talks

PPTs provide an excellent opportunity for candidates to gain deeper knowledge about the prospective employers. It allows an organisation to take a first-hand look at the institute and the existing talent pool. The representatives get a chance to spend some quality time with the students and the faculty. PPTs are scheduled to suit the convenience of the organisation without affecting the PGPSM academic schedule.
The organisation can start inviting applications any time after the conduction of a Pre-Placement talk (PPT). To schedule PPTs, organisations are requested to get in touch with the Placement Office at Noida Campus.

Placement Schedule

Important Dates
Pre placement Talks 25th September, 2017 onwards
Summer Internship process(Batch 2017-19) 25th October – 28th October 2017
Finals Placement Process(Batch 2016-18) 1st December 2017


A detailed invitation letter would be mailed to the organisation confirming the date and time at which the Selection Process will take place. The organisation is required to communicate the detailed process requirements (number of selection rounds, panels, and process specific requirements) at least 3 days prior to the Placement Process. A Job description form requesting for the following information would be shared with the participating organization.

  • Designation and Role being offered
  • Job Description and Job Specification
  • Remuneration Range
  • Location

Job Offers

To make an offer, the organisation representative will have to fill-up the job offer form that will be made available on campus. An offer is considered valid only when this form, duly filled in by the representative, is handed over to the recruitment coordinator of the institute.
The organisation is requested not to communicate the offer to the candidate directly. A job offer must specify:

  • Position offered
  • Remuneration package
  • Job description