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IIM-L Seminar Series

Date Campus Name of Faculty Affiliation Topic
28/Dec/2015 Lucknow Prof. Mahendra Joshi Grand Valley State University, USA Responses to the Discovery of Unethical Acts: An Organizational Identity and Reputation Perspective
22/Aug/2016 Lucknow Prof. Kuldeep Kumar Bond University, Australia Fraud, Corruption and Bribery: How to Detect and How to Prevent
27/Sep/2016 Lucknow Prof. Sanjay K. Singh IIM Lucknow Assessment of Passenger Satisfaction with Public Bus Transport Services: A Case Study of Lucknow City
4/Oct/2016 Lucknow Prof. Nishant Uppal IIM Lucknow Moderation effects of perceived organisational support on curvilinear relationship between neuroticism and job performance
27/Oct/2016 Lucknow Prof. Sanjeev Kapoor IIM Lucknow Understanding Farmers’ Buying Behavior
26/Dec/2016 Lucknow Prof. Manish K. Srivastava Michigan Technological University, USA Workshop on Econometrics using STATA
27/Dec/2016 Lucknow Prof. Alexander David Haskayne School of Business, University in Calgary, Canada Credit Ratings, Credit Crunches, and the Pricing of Collateralized Debt Obligations
17/Feb/2017 Lucknow Prof. Franz Wohlgezogen University of Melbourne, Australia Evidence-based Management and the Value of Field Experimental Research
18/Mar/2017 Lucknow Prof. Nishant Uppal IIM Lucknow Uncovering Curvilinearity in the Organizational Tenure-Job Performance Relationship: A Moderated Mediation Model of Continuance Commitment and Motivational Job Characteristics
27/Sep/2017 Lucknow Prof. Nishant Uppal IIM Lucknow Linking CEO Narcissism with Firm Performance- Role of Contextual Factors
4/Oct/2017 Lucknow Prof. Kshitij Awasthi IIM Lucknow Determinants of Selection of Ex-Bureaucrats as Board Members: A Study of Firms in India
29/Nov/2017 Lucknow Prof. Jyotirmoy Dalal  IIM Lucknow Strategic Emergency Preparedness Network Design Integrating Supply and Demand Sides in a Multi-Objective Approach
18/Dec/2017 Lucknow Prof. Atanu Chaudhuri  Aalborg University, Denmark Supply chain integration, risk management and flexibility and future research directions
18/Dec/2017 Lucknow Prof. Eldon Y. Li  National Chengchi University, Taiwan  How to publish in SSCI journals
28/Dec/2017 Lucknow Prof. Anupam Agrawal Texas A&M University, USA Product returns in a jewelry chain having online as well as brick-and-mortar stores
8/Jan/2018 Lucknow Prof. Ananth Krishnamurthy University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA From Models to Implementation: Lessons from Two Industries
16/Jan/2018 Lucknow Prof. Sunil Mithas University of Maryland, USA Information Technology and Income Mobility: Evidence from India
19/Feb/2018 Lucknow Prof. Paul Hempel City University of Hong Kong Tough Love and Creativity: How Authoritarian Leadership Tempered by Benevolence or Morality Influences Employee Creativity
21/Feb/2018 Noida Prof. Shavin Malhotra University of Waterloo, Canada The Value of CEO Extraversion: Implications for CEO Pay and Firm Performance