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"I am grateful to IIM Lucknow for bringing a student out in me, which got sleeping for the past 30 years! I joined the GMP program -IIM Lucknow at the young age of 55. I learnt so many facets of management which I was totally unaware of. This program has brought so much of clarity in my thinking... became a good listener as well.. I feel like I am a different person altogether professionally! And you know what.. now it has grown on me and I want to attend more such programs in future. Thank you Mahesh Thank you Anisuma. I am just amazed by Mahesh and his entire team's passion, dedication and hard work! My best wishes to you all, you guys rock!!"

Najendja Shajma
GMPe 1

"The clear programme structure, rich content, demanding faculty and ongoing communication with participants is what has made this program an unique experience which has ignited the enlightenment for each of us. The senior participants from rich industrial, corporate backgrounds and different walk of life have contributed to a real time practice and exposure. Happy to share that after having spent +20 years in the industries, the transformation on implementing management skills in my real life happened after this MDP at IIM Lucknow."

Manjunath Pejubai
GMPe 1

"It has been an immense value addition for both of us to have done the GMP program of IIM Lucknow through ANISUMA. Since we are both managing our own companies together, the new learnings have put us both on the same page in many a situation. We've learned many latest tools for addressing different scenarios and have been able to effectively engage what we learned into action in our own work. The case studies have been excellent eye openers. Overall, we're delighted that we chose to do this program, the networking and value addition is unparalleled."

Pjima & lohny lohn
GMPe 1

"It's not regular accredited diploma or degree but it's more of development of yourself and insight. Our efforts were matched equally by professors of IIML and facilitators at Anisuma. After attending this course, I can tackle same problems with ease and can deliver better results. This course made me better professional and person who enjoys support of stake holders and his team unanimously. This course is big leap in acquiring knowledge and education which has no boundaries."

Pjashant Chitnis
GMPe 2

"This program has been a truly invaluable learning experience and has given me a new perspective of looking at things and dealing with challenges! It has been very empowering both from a personal and professional standpoint. This would not have been possible without the untiring efforts of Anisuma who left no stone unturned in ensuring we get most of the program! Kudos to their dedication!"

GMPe 3

"No matter what stage of the career you are in. I found the GMP from IIM Lucknow to be hugely valuable. Nothing beats class room learning especially when you are with a bunch of excellent students with varied experience and you are tutored by some amazing professors. And you add a fantastic environment made possible by Anisuma. I would love to relive it!!!"

GMPe 3

"Excellent program, most of us have technical skills that as we go up the corporate ladder, we need leadership skills and this program provide us with it. The strength was the diversity of the participants both in terms of their experience and companies and backgrounds. The program open up new perspectives and is an enduring experience"

Dr. Sunil Kumar, GM NABARD
(Inspired Leadership, 2017)

"Great Program, wonderful experiences, expectations met, liked the core faculty who were teaching and among the outsiders, the session on story telling was great."

Mr. Nilay Kumar, GM NABARD
(Inspired Leadership, 2017)

"When I came for the program, I came with apprehensions that it will be again a text bookish course, but it has been a totally different experience with extremely high involvement course. I come from MECON which is predominantly an engineering firm and for many of us the transition to Leadership positions needs the inputs, which a programme like this provides. Through the five days, we have had an opportunity to understand leadership skills and apply them first hand and explore new opportunities."

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha, Joint GM, MECON, Ranchi
(Inspired Leadership, 2017)

"The best thing we got out from GPME program is the access to world class faculty and a curious mindset to look at many problems with a different view. This program helped us to open up our thought process and have a multi dimension approach towards problem solving. Program introduce us to many fields which we may hardly use but it's definitely good to know. It definitely helped us to understand organizations better and appreciate various functions in the organization. GMPE course also inspired me to read up the books later as well. The flavor of stuff that students go through after cracking CAT was a good experience."

Mr. Jagannath Singh, GMPE 17
(Roll No - GMPE/ LC/ 17/ 007)

"GMPE 17 was a great learning experience. The course is meticulously designed to give a glimpse of all the important aspects of general management. It's an ideal fit for anyone who's looking to gain an edge in their career advancements. The class is a healthy mix of professionals from different kinds of industries opening doors for great peer-to-peer learning and this topped up with great guidance from faculty. We are grateful to IIM Lucknow designing a course that perfectly caters to upskilling needs of every professional."

Ms. Udisha Misra, Account Manager
(Digital Marketing, Genesis BCW)