Gyanodaya Library

Stocking a rich collection of over 60,000 select learning resources in the discipline of management and related areas, in a variety of formats and operating from a 30,000 sq. ft. spacious, centrally located, air-conditioned building, built on most modern lines, equipped with ergonomically designed furniture & fittings, managed by a highly dedicated team of professionals, the library caters to the information needs of its highly demanding clientele, by offering a wide range of Information Technology (IT) based (and value added) services and products.

Noida Campus Library

Recognizing the role of library and information services in meeting the requirements of the Institute’s academic, research and training programmers, the Library was set-up as one of the key divisions of the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow – Noida Campus. Managed by the competent and energetic professionals, the library has taken the shape of a Learning Resource Centre (LRC) by providing value added services using the latest information technology. It now stocks a core collection of around 5000 select documents and subscribes to 65 learned periodicals in hard copy and 39 online databases.


Mission & Objectives


In keeping with the vision and mission of the Institute, the library has been established “to promote knowledge generation and application through its effective dissemination”. The library, therefore, acts as the main learning resource centre of the Institute and provides services and facilities to meet the requirements of the Institute’s teaching, training, research and consultancy programmers.


The library operates with the following objectives :

  • To support the learning process of the PGP/FPM/MDP students through provision of knowledge/information.
  • To meet knowledge/information needs of the faculty, to support their teaching activities.
  • An Information Technology and Software Management Laboratory has been established to provide state-of-the-art software development methodologies, including net based application to the students. This laboratory comprises RS/6000 [AIX UNIX] with 5 Pentium nodes with internet connectivity.
  • To meet knowledge/information needs of the faculty and research staff to support their research activities.
  • To respond effectively, where possible, to the knowledge/information needs of the Institute’s client systems.


The library operates from a spacious 30, 000 sq. ft., two storied, air-conditioned, centrally located ,and functionally designed building with a seating capacity of 250 readers, spread over five inviting reading halls and equipped with state of the art infrastructure.

Opening Hours

Library remains open round-the-clock, all days of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays excepting gazetted holidays. However full range of services are provided from 9.00 hrs to 1730 hrs. whereas circulation services take place upto 21.30 hrs only.

Membership & Rules


Internal Members from the Institute community are granted membership on presentation of duly filled-in registration cards, which can be obtained from the Circulation Counter.

External Members from business/industrial and government set-ups as well as from the academics are granted membership under certain specified conditions.

Membership Category

Term Membership The business and industrial organizations may apply for annual membership for their executives. For every executive designated to avail of the library services, payments to be made towards registration and annual subscription will be as per the following rates:

Registration Rs.5,000.00

Annual Subscription Rs.5,000.00

Life Membership The business and the industrial organizations may opt for life membership by paying Rs.1,00,000.00 towards registration and subscription charges for library services. The life member may designate four of its executives of avail of the library services.


A member is entitled to make free use of reading, reference, and referral facilities of the library.

Special Services

Besides, a member would be entitled to receive a free copy of each of the library’s Current Awareness Bulletins. These include: (i) Current Additions of books and reports; and (ii) Current Contents of periodicals.

In addition, members may avail themselves of the following fee-based services:

Reprographic Services On request, photocopy/ies of the document/s available in the library may be provided subject to copyright restrictions. The fee for this service will be determined by the Institute from time to time, on the basis of variable and overhead costs.

Retrospective Searches On request, retrospective literature searches, on topics of interest, will be conducted by the library. The service would include all the sources held by the library in print, non-print as well as the magnetic media and the charges will depend on comprehensiveness of the service required.

Select Dissemination of Information (SDI) Services If is proposed to start the service wherein monthly lists of articles matching the Interest Profiles of the members, would be sent to keep them updated with the latest literature coming in the most recent issues of national and international periodicals. The service would cover 500 periodical titles and the charges will depend on the comprehensiveness of the service required.

Borrowing Borrowing facilities will be extended to a member against a refundable deposit of Rs.5,000.00 provided that the member concerned gives an undertaking that thebook/s will not be taken outside Lucknow and will be returned within 24 hours as and when asked to do so. A member would be entitled to borrow a maximum of four boks at a time for a retention period of 30 days. Over-retention charges will be Rs.5.00 per day upto a maximum of 90 days beyond which the membership will be cancelled and deposit forfeited.

Audio-visual Cassette

Educational Video Cassettes Fee Rs. 100/- per day per cassette. Educational Audio Cassettes : Fee Rs. 10/- per day per cassette. Over-retention charges will be Rs.20.00 (for Video Cassette) and Rs. 5.00 (for Audio Cassette) per day upto a maximum of 7 days beyond which the membership will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.

Further Information The Institute’s librarian would be pleased to offer any further information that prospective clients might like to have. The contact address is as follows:

M U Raja
Dy. Librarian Indian Institute of Management,
Prabandh Nagar,
Off Sitapur Road Lucknow – 226013,
India Phones: (0522) 2736964 E-mail: Fax: (0522) 2734025-27

Rules and Regulations

  • Every member of the library must be prepared to identify himself/herself when requested to do so.
  • Outwears, brief cases, handbags, files, umbrellas and similar items should be deposited at the check point before entering the library.
  • Use of a borrower ticket, belonging to other member is prohibited.
  • Users assume the obligation of keeping the library materials in good condition. Materials damaged, defected or lost must be replaced, otherwise the cost will be realized from the borrower.
  • Documents must be returned in time to make them available for use by others. Overdue library materials, other than the Reserve/Reference Documents incur a fine of Rs.10.00 per day, the Reserve/Reference Documents incur a fine of 20 paise per hour or more. Until the dues are cleared the borrowing facilities will be withheld. Borrowing entitlement may be reduced if a member is observed returning document/s late on more than three occasions. The Librarian can recall any issued document any time.
  • A misplaced book is temporarily lost. To avoid misplacement; books taken from the open shelves should be left on the nearest table/trolley.
  • Smoking and eating may be allowed outside the library-reading and stack areas.
  • Silence must be observed in the Library.
  • Admission may be refused to anyone who violates the Library Rules and Regulations.

Library Collections

Recognizing the role of library and information services in meeting the requirements of the Institute’s academic, research, training and consultancy programmers, the LIBRARY was set-up as one of the key Divisions of the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. A modest beginning was made in May, 1985 (the first academic session began in July 1985) when the library started functioning from a small room in the rented premises of the Giri Institute of Development Studies. Over a period of fifteen years, the library has grown quite impressively, in that it now stocks a core collection of over 50,000 select documents (in various forms) and subscribes to 480 learned periodicals. Equipped with latest designed furniture and fittings, the library has all modern equipment to support its diverse range of activities. State-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) products are in place to modernizes its operations and services. It meets the complex information requirements of a variety of its users (both from within the Institute and outside) satisfactorily. All this has been made possible through the team work exhibited by all the members of the team working in the Library.


The collection of the IIML are as follows

Books 34882
Cases 516
Children Books 650
Reference Books 5000
Current Periodicals (Hard Copy) 564
Indian 212
Foreign 352
Light Magazines 24
News Papers 21
E-Journals 891
Back Files (Bound Volumes) 13802
Micro Films & Fiches 11875
E-Database & Publishers
No.of Databases 26
Through Paid Subscription 12
Through Indest 14

The Team

Library is staffed by a young, enthusiastic and dedicated professional team. For queries, if any, related to above sections, please contact the team members as follows:

Name Designation Contact
Mr. Mustahsan Usmani Raja Deputy Librarian & Library In-Charge Direct No.-6696964, Inter-com No.-6964
Mr. M.K. Singh Deputy Librarian & Library In-Charge Direct No. 6696965, Inter-com No.-6965
Mr. Sanjay S. Degloorkar Assistant Librarian Direct No.-6696971, Inter-com No.-6971
Mr. Khursheed Ahmad Assistant Librarian Direct No.-6696967, Inter-com No.-6967
Mr. Ravindra Kumar Assistant Librarian Direct No.-6696976, Inter-com No.-6976
Mr.Tapas Kumar Raut Assistant Librarian Direct No.-6696962, Inter-com No.-6962
Ms. Kavita Chaddha
( NOIDA Centre)
Assistant Librarian Direct No. 0120-6678492
Mr. Anoop Singh Sr. Library & Information Assistant Direct No.-6696968, Inter-com No.-6968
Mr. Madan Kansari Sr. Machine Operator (Gr.I) Direct No.-6696969, Inter-com No.-6969
Mr. Bhupesh Kumar Library & Information Assistant Direct No.-6696963, Inter-com No.-6963
Mr. Devendra Kumar Pandey Library & Information Assistant Direct No.-6696963, Inter-com No.-6963
Mr. Shakur Bax Library Attendant Direct No.-6696963, Inter-com No.-6963

What They Say

Giants in the industry, Government & Academia

As good as anything in the world
(Mr.Gurcharan Das,CEO,Procter & Gamble)

It is really wonderful. More important that the young managers are using it. Keep it up
(Mr.Sita Ram Gupta, Executive Director, Lupin Group)

Fascinating library. Good Ambience
(Mr.Ashok K.Maitra)

Very good arrangement & ambience. Would have liked to spend a lot of time here
(Mr.R.Ravi Mohan,MD,Crisil)

Excellent Facilities. Wish I had been here when i was young
(Mr. Abhay Nalawade, MD & CEO, Thermax Ltd)


This library is simply superb. I have used (many) libraries but our library is excellent.
(Kamal Gianchandi,8th Batch(1992-94),2nd Rank

The Library is one of the biggest assets of IIM Lucknow
(Rahul Singh,9th Batch (1993-95)1st Rank

One of the best services provided to us at IIML.The staff was always eager to help.
(Sapna Chabra,6th Batch (1990-92) 3rd Rank

I think it is one of the best managed places of the institute and it is too good!
(Amresh Acharya,6th Batch (1990-92)3rd Rank

The Library is excellent and the staff is superb.
(Ashish Kumar,PGP 6th Batch(1990-92) 1st Rank

Professionals in LIS

An excellent beginning it has to grow in the same way. Our best wishes for its success!
(Prof.P.N. Kaula,Doyen Of Library & Information Science)

An excellent library set-up; a mini us Library of Congress
(Mr. S.N. Agarwal, Library Officer, ITRC, Lucknow)

Library with the standards of national and international repute,Proud to be in the city like Lucknow
(Mr. Sada Bihari Sahu, Asst. Manager Library, SIDBI, Lucknow)

Up to the expectations of Roshan’s brilliance
(Ms. Anuradha Kakker, Librarian, GIDS, Lucknow)

Thanks for giving the city of Lucknow a really Modern LIC
(Mr.R.K Srivastava, Librarian, State Law Officer’s Library, High Court Lucknow)


I hope this library will grow fom strength to strength. It’s very impressive
(Mr.Ram Advani,Lucknow)

An excellent library

Indeed Impressive
(Mr.Atul Srivastava,Allied,Lucknow)