Computer Center

The Computer Centre is housed in a specious 7500 sq. ft., air conditioned centrally located designed building and is equipped with the state-of-the-art computing resources to cater the needs of the academics as well as administrative activities of the Institute. The IT infrastructure at IIM L Computer Centre includes a fiber optics backbone based campus-wide network, connecting Computers on heterogeneous platforms with several servers. The network provide accessibility of more than 1500 nodes to each of these servers for sharing different hardware and software resources.
The hardware resources of the Institute include Computers (from Pentium to Xeon processors, 4 to 48 GB RAM, 80 to 2 TB Storage), high speed printers. The software resources include a wide variety of management oriented software along with Microsoft Campus agreement.
All students are provided an email and login account and sufficient storage space on joining the Institute and round the clock access to the wired/ wireless network and Internet with a high speed leased line from TATA (180 Mbps) and NKN (National Knowledge Network)(1 Gbps).