Centre for Business Sustainability

About Us

The Centre for Business Sustainability (CBS) at IIM Lucknow is a multidisciplinary, collaborative body of experts committed to provide support to businesses in the process of reconciling profit imperatives with environmental and social imperatives.

CBS helps businesses to view emerging Social and Environmental issues not just as challenges but also as opportunities for growth, diversification, cost savings, refining/redefining the business models, etc.

CBS also facilitates businesses to shift from the conventional paradigm of ‘shareholder value creation’ to the emerging paradigm of ‘stakeholder value creation’. The Centre does this by undertaking innovative and collaborative research projects in all dimensions of business sustainability.

CBS disseminates knowledge and makes available appropriate latest modern management and decision making tools and techniques to business leaders. The Centre develops designs and delivers short term and long term training programmes, and organizes highly tailored workshops according to specific needs of corporate and non-corporate sectors.

CBS also believes in information dissemination and bringing together best practices by organizing key events such as seminars, conferences, panel discussions, etc. the field of business sustainability.

Being an integral part of IIML, the expertise in leadership, strategy, organizational change, marketing and innovation with related fields is abundantly available to the Centre. IIML has strong linkages with policy makers, so CBS also plans to carry out research and provide inputs for formulation of effective public policies in the field of business sustainability. The Centre undertakes consulting projects and thereby extends its services nationally as well as internationally.

Our Vision

To be the leading academic centre of excellence in ensuring Sustainable Development by helping businesses shift from shareholder value creation to stakeholder value creation paradigm.