Mission & Objectives

Metamorphosis aspires to be identified as a journal that builds on management theory and contributes to management practice. The objective of our journal encompasses reporting new research to help readers identify and understand significant trends in management research.

In the present era of knowledge and information, an expanse of knowledge needs to be supported by dynamic research. This is our objective- to bring forth-new vistas in management research and accomplish not only a unique blend of research across disciplines, but also an equitable translation of research results to management practice.

Metamorphosis hopes to become a common ground, which fosters and encourages unification of management knowledge, techniques, trends and issues. Through experimentation and innovation, initiation and synthesis of ideas, practices and experiences, Metamorphosis aspires to carve a niche for itself as a Journal of Management Research with a difference.

Metamorphosis hopes to give to all interested and involved in the process of management, a journal which does not look at the discipline of management as an assortment of functional tools and approaches but as an integrated discipline treating various aspects of managerial competence as one complete whole.