Life at IIM Lucknow

It was with a mix of trepidation and excitement that I started the sessions on 27th July. The campus is compact and nice and the professors very supportive. However, the anxiety stemmed from the concerns – can one study a lot after so many years of gap, can we get out of the ‘bullet-point habit’ and write long and so on.

In retrospect, the experience is pleasant and ‘mind-stretching’. It surely helped me to spend time on introspection of various concepts and how they relate to my 25 years of work experience. It also takes a lot of hours, though. As a pioneering batch, we would also work with the faculty to fine tune the course to make it crisp and effective.

I am planning to research on Psychological Resilience of Business Leaders across Cultures. While there is more to do to finalize the structure of my research, I am excited about what this seems to be an area with lot of scope of research due to limited coverage so far.

I believe EFPM will attract even more experienced resources due to its unique charm of research and application of work experience.

PG Raghuraman (EFPM01016)
Managing Director (Operations)
Accenture – Asia Pacific Financial Services

(25 Years Exp.)

It is a privilege to be part of the first batch of the Executive FPM program at IIM Lucknow. This program, which is truly one of its kind, proved its potential in Term 1 itself. Not only was the experience of a formal introduction to research very useful, the interaction with faculty and my batch-mates, who are from a cross-section of industry, was priceless. I believe this program will go a long way in bridging the perceived “academia-industry gap”. Kudos to IIML for launching it, and to the team behind it for bringing it to fruition.

Vinit Singh Chauhan (EFPM01021)
CFO Tech.
Standard Chartered Bank

(18 years & 8 Months Exp.)

Choosing to integrate learning from Industry with relevant academic ingredient vide executive FPM program proved bang right for me from the very first module of the program. 21 days of academic rigor in basic management courses along with assessment made it tough yet manageable experience. Experts in their area, the teachers along with the infrastructural facilities including food made it a rather joyful ride through the module.

My specialization is in “marketing management” and my area of interest is buyer and seller relationship, relational contracting practices, neo-marketing and post modernism.

I hope this journey enables me to connect the present industrial community with future markets

Anindya Chakladar (EFPM01002)
Assistant General Manager SAIL
(20 years & 8 months Exp.)

Joining the EFPM program was one of the best decisions I took. Module 1 helped me to recapitulate the learning’s of MBA with a research flavor. The module was structured in a way that subjects were blended with the theory, industry experience and research gave the program a unique value.

The learnings were more visible with the academia and industry coming together. This experience has formed the backbone of my research and helped me move a step towards my problem statement.

My specialization is “Marketing management” and I would like to pursue research in B2B marketing Area.

I hope that EFPM program would help me to equip me with proper toolset and knowledge to pursue research.

Deepti Mishra (EFPM01003)
Presales Lead
CSC India Pvt. Ltd.

(8 years & 5 months Exp.)

The first module succinctly, but comprehensively, covered the key ingredients of the management courses useful in research process – statistical tools being used in research process, research methodologies, subject knowledge and writing skills. The learning process was intense but exhilarating and considerably expanded my knowledge base by helping to gain breadth of understanding in management. The classroom learning was supplemented by outside discussions with faculty and fellow students that helped me better define my research interests and improved my analytical skills. The overall experience in this pioneering batch was simply excellent.I am interested in conducting research in Business Environment (Economics area). My research interest is to study India’s demand/supply gap in energy sector and its impact on economic growth.The EFPM is a pioneering program that fulfills the hitherto unmet need of professionals who want to develop research and teaching skills but feel constrained to do a full-time doctoral course

Pankaj Prasun (EFPM01004)
Regional Finance Manager (MEA & India)
Kempinski Hotels, UAE

(12 years Exp.)

I had always been interested in pursuing higher studies and the EFPM program gave me the right opportunity. Module 1 was indeed a great learning experience. It was a well thought out and a planned module. In no way did we feel that there was a compromise on academic rigor despite the modules being packed in a small duration of 3 weeks. More importantly, the interactions with the faculty helped us to build a research mindset and perceive practical problems in a way very different from what we had been accustomed to doing.

I am specializing in the Marketing area and am confident this program will help me connect the dots between research and practice and bring together the best of the industry and the academia.

Surendra Dixit (EFPM01005)
Manager, Marketing and Analysis,
Capital One Financial Services,

(7 Years Exp.)

EFPM has come as a boon to working professionals like us who were contemplating pursuing research but were not able to do the same because of the residential requirement of FPM. On top of it, it came from one of the premier B- Schools of India, IIM-L which has added enhanced value to this course. I find the selection process as meticulous as it is perceived to be for regular FPM. The pedagogy is very conducive for effective learning. The access to huge data base of IIM-L from anywhere is a befitting facility extended by Institute which shall help me put pursue my research.

I contemplate delving deep into the unexplored dimension of Psychological Capital (PsyCap) relevant to Organizational Behaviour. From the diversified composition of the first batch which comprises of top management professionals, I visualize that this course would attract the attention of academia as well as industry very soon.

Awadhesh Kumar Jha (EFPM01006)
Vice President Moserbear
(20 Years Exp.)

The EFPM program provides us with an unique opportunity to integrate business practice and management theory. I have been able to bring real business challenges from my workplace to the “laboratory” of the business school in the search of enduring solutions.

The quality of the faculty and the access to research resources on campus as well as off campus have been two of the most valuable elements of the program for me.

My specialization is in “Marketing”, with research interests in the Impact of Information Technology and Social Media on Marketing.

I look forward to making my small contribution to the universe of management theory and research through this program.

Amit Rakesh Sethi (EFPM01007)
General Manager CSC
(11 years & 9 Months Exp.)

The EFPM program (Module 1) was a great learning experience – as it combined learning on all key ingredients – research skills, subject knowledge and insights into the research process – all within a well planned module.

The intense discussions with faculty helped me in laying out a road map and setting my priorities, which is the most important part of a researcher’s journey.

My specialization is in “Strategic Management”, with research interests in Innovation Diffusion, Sustainable Strategies, Mergers & Acquisitions.

The key contribution of EFPM will be to connect corporate experience with research rigor to create knowledge that will add immense value.

G V P Rajan (EFPM01009)
Vice President
(Sustainable Strategies)
Think to Sustain

(16 Years Exp.)

The EFPM program has been an interesting and insightful journey so far. The first module was, at one level, a “back-to-school” kind of experience. But in every aspect of that experience –readings, discussions, assignments or tests – there was an order-of-magnitude difference.

I am planning to work in the area of Finance. Every course, every discussion with faculty as well as with peers and every reading/assignment is helping me improve clarity on the problem I want to work on.

I think that there are two unique factors in the EFPM program. First, it provides a platform to research real business issues with intense academic rigor. Secondly, the peer group – which comprises of senior executives across diverse industries – adds richness of perspectives to the issues.

K R Lakshminarayana (EFPM01010)
Chief Endowment Officer
Azim Premji Foundation

(21 Years & 8 months Exp.)

For most of my corporate career, an essential element I found missing was to be able to look at issues more deeply and comprehensively. EFPM has just been the right platform to provide me an excellent outlet for research, a very supporting and experienced faculty and a great set of course mates.

My interest areas in research are in the Decision Sciences area, especially application of analytics and rule based systems for personal decision making. I am confident that this program will help in my entrepreneurial journey and let me stay connected with academia

Mohit Bhatnagar (EFPM01011)
Founder & Director
Uplytics Consulting

(15 years Exp. )

This newly introduced EFPM program of IIM L provides a unique opportunity to fulfil my latent desire of conducting research in area of “Strategic Management” while pursuing professional career. This program framework exposes the participants to research techniques and gives contemporary knowledge of focus area subjects .The faculty is supportive and fully involved in supporting the program participants to embark upon the journey of research through frequent contacts and several counselling sessions. The on line library facility is an excellent experience with access to research papers and various journals. I am confident with this kind of balanced recipe , IIM L is providing an excellent platform for research and knowledge enhancement and shall continue to attract talent and grow in popularity.

Rajesh Nangia (EFPM01012)
General Motors India

(26 years Exp.)

My specialization is in “General Management”, with research interest in Business Sustainability.

The EFPM program (Module 4) was my first, small but comprehensive step towards my research. On side we had a research methodology course which imparted us with the details and skills of the research process on the other we had a couple of area based courses to lay a foundation for individual research.

Few guest lectures with speakers like Dr. Manas Mandal provided a greater insight into the process of research right from the activity of selecting the topic till the completion of thesis work. Additionally one on one discussion with the faculty with regards to the proposal brought some clarity on how to proceed further in the process of finalizing the research topic

Neha Saxena (EFPM01014)
Project Director
HCL Info system

(14 Years Exp.)

It was with some level of trepidation that I started with the first module in the second year of the first batch of the EFPM program. However, once we got going, it was great fun and also a hugely rewarding experience. It was re-living the hostel days once again – replete with intense discussions in the executive hostel, efforts to find food places at midnight, convincing friends to accompany for a movie just the day before the exam, so on and so forth. I also got a bit emotional when the module ended. I am now quite looking forward to the next module to begin!

In my professional avatar, I have been working closely with ‘innovation’ and I do intend to pursue my doctoral research in the same area, the exact topic is still to be worked out. The broader area is ‘Strategic Management’.

If you are a researcher working on any topic around ‘innovation’, I would be glad to connect. You can reach me at

Nikhil Vikas Sahasrabudhe (EFPM01015)
Sr. Manager BMC
(10 years & 3 Months Exp.)

EFPM module 1 was the first step towards my journey of contribution to knowledge creation process and re-orientation of thought process from a pure practitioner to academia. The pedagogy aided students to dissect management problems and explore solutions through rigorous literature review and thereby understand the nuances of available theoretical models.

I believe in the EFPM’s efforts to create specialized leaders / academicians through expertise exchange between industry and academia. I am sure the program will be a huge success and as a practitioner of management principles I am glad be part of this pioneering batch.

My area of research is ‘Marketing’ with particular focus on ‘Internet marketing and its adoption in emerging markets’

Sushant Bhatnagar (EFPM01018)
Senior Manager
(Operations and Strategy)
Ericsson Global services

(13 Years & 2 Months Exp. )

The first module was extremely useful as it focused on the research process, methodology & techniques to be used along with the learning on the subject matter through reading of the various journal articles. Also the discussions & interaction with Professors/Fellow students from diverse backgrounds was an enriching experience.

My specialization is in Finance with research interests in Enterprise Risk Management & Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure Projects.

Going forward, I definitely see that EFPM will be able to address current management issues by bridging the gap between the Corporate “Demands/Management Practices” & the Academic Research “Supplies/Theories” once the research objectives are aligned with corporate requirements.

V Kartik (EFPM01019)

(13 years Exp. )

The Executive FPM program introduced by IIM Lucknow (Noida Campus) has created a platform for bringing real life business experiences into management research and applying management models to solve business challenges. In my view, it will contribute significantly to both the industry and academia.

I joined the program in the area of Decision Sciences, and have research interests in Decision Models and Predictive Analytics. The program is designed with intense course modules to provide the research skills and domain knowledge interspersed with periods for literature review and individual research work. Being a part of the pioneering batch for the program gives me a sense of responsibility for setting the course for future batches.

Vikram Batra (EFPM01020)
General Manager
Hero Motocrp

( 14 Years & 3 Months Exp. )