Interactive Webinar

IIM Lucknow invites applicants for IPMX 2016-17 program to join interactive webinars on following dates.

  • Sat 10th Oct: 9-10 pm
  • Sat 17th Oct: 11-12 noon
  • Sun 18th Oct: 7:30-8:30 pm

Please send an email to to register for the webinar. You will get an email with instructions on how to join 24hrs before the start of event.

The webinar will be hosted by current students and the admissions office. They can help answer your queries about the course, timelines and the admissions process. Please email your questions to, preferably before the start of event. The team will attempt to answer these questions first and, if time permits, will take more questions live.

Question:- How to register or ask a query?

Answer: Simply send an email to

Question:- Do I need to register for each webinar separately?

Answer:- No. One registration request will suffice. Once registered, you can attend any of the three webinar slots.

Question:- Do I need specific computer hardware or software to join?

Answer:-No. Any ordinary laptop/computer which can play audio/video and internet connectivity is all you need.