The Working Managers’ Programme

19As part of the mission of NOIDA campus, in July 2005 IIM Lucknow launched the Three Year Post-Graduate Programme in Management for Working Executives, also popularly known as Working Managers’ Programme (WMP).

The 13th batch would commence on during third week of June, 2017.

The WMP is a uniquely designed programme for working executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, who desire to enhance their managerial knowledge and skills through formal management education, while continuing to work full time in their ongoing professions / businesses. The programme is structured to meet the learning needs and methodologies in such a way that one can continue to work, and engage in formal education simultaneously. The programme is designed to maintain the high standards and rigour expected from all post graduate programmes in management at IIM Lucknow.

It aims at developing strong conceptual fundamentals and skills required to manage businesses of the future. The WMP aims to help to inculcate leadership and teamwork amongst participants, and foster the development of change agents to take leadership roles in the global arena. The 21 months programme has over twenty eight credits worth of courses which must be successfully completed.

The specific objectives of the programme are to enable the executives to:

  • Comprehend the meaning of socio-economic, technological and ecological environment of modern societies and their characteristic values;
  • Acquire the prevailing state-of-art knowledge and skills in the functional areas of management;
  • Develop analytical and innovative foresight to gauge change holistically, and to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of business systems;
  • Value societal well-being and the responsibility of corporate citizens.


Students would be awarded the “Post Graduate Diploma in Management for Working Executives” on successful completion of the Programme.


image“WMP course of IIML provided me the framework for taking a very reasoned and informed decision. It helped me understand the fundamentals of managerial issues, the process and means of their resolution, and understand its implication of decision in business. The learning during WMP course helped me tide over any crisis with aplomb. I recommend this course strongly to working managers as this is one of the good course available in the country which helps you develop the art of getting into the issues and finding an appropriate solution within the available constraints.”

Awadhesh Kumar Jha, Vice President – Hydro, Fortum India Private Limited

“I always wanted to contribute in building value delivering consumer facing online products. However, belonging to a pure technology & software background, my perspective and scope for contribution were limited to primarily design and implementation of products. WMP course from IIM Lucknow helped me significantly in having an overall understanding of business mechanics, how to be deeply empathetic to customer needs and think of products considering various stakeholders. On completion of the course, I could successfully make a switch to online product management role and am now working with one of the fastest growing startup in US fashion industry.”

Arnab Bhattacharya, Senior Product Manager, Gwynniebee India Pvt. Ltd.

“For me the benefits of WMP go much beyond the learnings. It was an opportunity for me to study with my better half, a dream come true for both of us. Despite having spent 16 years together we did not know each other’s SWOT so well which we now know and appreciate in just an additional 2.25 years at WMP together. With the learnings and experience of WMP I got an opportunity to explore my professional potential in a very dynamic industry, healthcare. I am currently responsible for associating doctors in different specialties with Nova and working closely with the M&A team in assessing new partners for Nova Specialty Surgery and Nova Infertility set up. I am enjoying exploring this new opportunity and WMP has opened up tremendous opportunities for me to be a significant contributor in whichever company I work with.”

Dr. Priti Nanda, Vice President-Empanelment, Nova Specialty Surgery

“WMP Programme gave me vision to understand complete 360 Degree View of Business. Before joining WMP, I was doing my job in routine fashion in Sales and Modality. This programme helped me horn my skills in Finance, Marketing, Strategy, SCM and Organisation Structure. I started correlating things in my day to day job. I started getting better attention from my customers and inside the company as it increased my analytical capability. This also helped me get job of Sales Director as I edged past many candidates due to skills acquired from WMP. Overall WMP gave me self-confidence to face the business world.”

Chander Shekhar Sibal, Sales Director, Fujifilm India Private Limited

“The WMP program helped me gain intensive knowledge in business areas like finance, strategy and marketing which otherwise would have taken me several years to achieve. The laborious efforts put in by the professors, interactive and eye-opening classroom discussions and the overall rigor of the WMP program helped lay a strong foundation for me to succeed in the corporate world. Prior to this program, I believe I had reached a glass ceiling from a career growth perspective in the techno-managerial role that I was in. However, I was successfully able to implement my learning through the WMP course for identifying and making good use of opportunities that helped me get into a senior leadership role. I would highly recommend this program to anyone desirous enough to grow their management careers – it’s worth the overall investment provided one also puts in the efforts to make the most out of it!”

Pankaj Bhadana, Divisional Vice President, Xerox Litigation Services, India – Xerox Services

“WMP program has not only helped me to look the world through a different perspective but has also instilled confidence and gave great networking opportunities with colleagues, professors and visiting guest faculties. After some time in the professional life it is in the human nature to conform to certain repetitiveness and to stagnate in a comfort zone. This limited my disposition for learning and new skill acquisition. WMP program forced me to get out of my comfort zone, deal with the latest issues, apply the management techniques and constantly challenge myself and my approaches. Gaining knowledge in various fields helped in correlating the things while working in corporate world. I would highly recommend this program for the working managers to hone their skills in management to become future global leaders”

Mohit Garg, Global Commodity Lead, Philips India Limited

“WMP has been instrumental in the development of not only my leadership skills but also in evaluating other skills as well. It’s a place of collaboration and growth where classroom learning was supplemented by case studies discussion with professors and learning from industry recognized outside professionals.The overall experience of doing WMP was priceless and intellectual where the interaction with batch-mates of cross-wide industry was exhilarating. This program gave me an edge and sets apart from other industry candidates.”

Nitin Choudhary

“A WMP class is a great example of diversity from Managing Directors & Presidents of organizations to Sales & HR Heads to CAs & Doctors. We all under one roof brought in our wisdom and worked as a group to help each other to learn and succeed in a rigorous journey. While, trying to balance my IIM life with office & family life, I was finding it a bit difficult but the teaching style of Professors recharged me, motivated me, inspired me and rejuvenated the hunger of learning in me once again. I have not only learnt Management from IIML but also learnt many other things which were not in curriculum, which is much more important for me to lead a happy and respectable life.”

Puneet Jain

“Being a Chartered Accountant, I always wanted to expand my knowledge horizon beyond finance & accounts and had been exploring options for a reputed management course. WMP came out to be a perfect fit with the World class faculty, rigour of IIM and flexibility for a working professional. This unique mix of subjects provided in-depth understanding of multiple domains viz. marketing, strategy, human resource, IT, etc. The course also provided immense opportunities of peer learning and networking. Overall, the 27 months WMP ordeal is a lifetime achievement and would help me attain success both professionally and personally.”

Dipesh Jain