Why WMP at IIM Lucknow

World Class Faculty

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill love of Learning.
Brad Henry

Our faculty excels in both teaching and research and they are fully immersed in the challenges of the global business world. They come from the top institutions across the world and their backgrounds are firmly rooted in academic excellence.

They contribute to the IIML exceptional learning experience by bringing in their research to the classroom. With their unparalleled dedication towards academics and research, they prepare the students to become future leaders who are prepared to deliver results for their organization.
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Case Study Methods

At IIM Lucknow we believe that best business education includes knowledge gained from practical action oriented learning experiences.

Our approach to education is not only lecture based but primarily oriented on discussing cases about actual business problems and potential solutions which help our students get the cutting edge. Every day our students are put into the shoes of a business leader in concrete situation and asked to make decisions with limited or incomplete information.

Our world class faculty partners with leaders from the corporate world globally to guide our students to think creatively and critically preparing them to become future leaders. We groom Leaders who have the capacity to persuade and inspire others, reconcile differing viewpoints, prioritize objectives, capitalize opportunities and make difficult decisions with limited information matching the real scenarios.

Close Knit Community with Diversity

At IIM Lucknow students, faculty, staff and alumni join in an atmosphere of collaboration and community.

IIM Lucknow makes every effort to create an inclusive and diverse community of students, faculty and other professionals and are committed to fostering fairness and equality in the increasingly diverse society- be it the diversity in the classroom or in student life.

Developing Ethical and Responsible Leaders

IIM Lucknow has taken charge of talking about ethics in business and corporate world and will continue to do so, as with encouraging and promoting expertise in all subjects related to management development. To further this end, our students are inculcated with necessary expertise to become the action we are talking about in the class rooms.

Global Perspective

At IIM Lucknow we are committed to developing and implementing educational programmes and research projects that would enhance the understanding of international issues.

IIM Lucknow has been promoting interaction with the rest of the world by designing, developing and implementing international programmes with partner business schools globally. Our students and faculty regularly participate in global interaction forums like conferences, symposium, conclaves and exchange programmes.


Innovation is the key to success in this dynamic global scenario. It is critical to the success of business and organisations – innovation is everywhere. It is about engaging stake holders at every level to think creatively about the designs of a powerful future.

At IIM Lucknow we have set up an incubation centre which experiential, team based and collaborative learning opportunities, providing a platform to the students to transform their concepts and ideas into physical prototypes.


Today it’s an accepted fact that businesses can play a constructive role in addressing global issues related to environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability today is no longer a theoretical concept – entrepreneurs, innovators and enterprises are dedicating themselves to discovering market oriented practical solutions for some of the most pressing problems including energy and resource conservation, recycling of resources, water quality, waste management etc.
We at IIM Lucknow have not only integrated sustainability in our curriculum, we are also trying to incorporate such practices in our day to day operations. From rain water harvesting to recycling of water, from recharging of ground water table to waste management, from preserving and creating green cover to constructing green buildings, every effort is being made in this direction.