Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Fellow Programme in Management – FAQs

1. Question-What is Exec-FPM?

Answer-The Executive Fellow Program in Management (EFPM) is a part time, non-residential, doctoral program that has been specifically designed to cater to the academic needs of working executives/ managers/ faculty members/ researchers. EFPM Programme is open for candidates based in India or abroad.

2. Question-Where can I get more information about the Executive Fellow Programme in Management?

Answer-Please visit our website - for detail information.

In case you have any specific admission related queries then please contact.

EFPM Office

Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

(Noida Campus)

B-1, Sec-62,

Noida–201307 (U.P.) India

Phone : 0120-6681008/6681086

Fax : 0120-6681002


3. Question- I have no valid score any of the test mentioned in the eligibility criteria list for admission into the EFPM programme. Please let me know what test I can appear to become eligible for admission to EFPM programme now.

Answer-If you have not appeared for CAT 2012/2013 then you can appear GMAT/GRE/JRF-NET or WMP admission test which is conducted by IIM lucknow during first/second week of April 2014. For more information on WMP admission test please contact:

EFPM Office

Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (Noida Campus)

B1, Sec-62

Noida–201307, INDIA

Phone : 0120-6681008/6681086

Fax : 0120-6681002

Email :

Those who are appearing for WMP admission test /GRE/GMAT or JRF-NET test may fill in such information relevant column of EFPM application form and provide EFPM admission application information in WMP admission /GRE/ GMAT/ GATE and JRF application form.

4. Question-Is it possible to complete the programme on a part-time basis?

Answer-Yes. Five campus visits of 21 days’ duration each are needed to finish the course work of non exempted students during two years whereas three campus visits of 21 days’ duration each are needed to finish the course work of exempted students during one year. Third 21days campus visit of for exempted candidates can be conducted through online or weekends.Non- exempted students will visit campus for additional three weeks (over a period of six months) as per convenience of TAC to complete dissertation work. EFPM is a part time non – residential programme. The student is expected to complete the programme ordinarily in four years and a maximum of six years. Under special circumstances, students are eligible to get one time extension of one year and if they fail to complete the programme, their registration will be terminated on completion of seven years.

5. Question- How can I understand that, I am exempted from admission test and first year course work?

Answer-Candidates who have already obtained a PGDM/IPMX/WMP programme from any of the IIMs with a minimum CGPA of 5.0 on a 10 point scale are exempted from appearing any admission test, and can apply directly through the prescribed application form. Such applicants are also eligible to get a waiver of course work and exempted from mandatory course work which are offered in first year program of Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EFPM programme)

6 . Question-Who should apply? What are the typical backgrounds of doctoral students?

Answer-Students interested in pursuing research careers having high scholastic aptitude should apply. Typically students have varied backgrounds. For information please refer our web announcement of Executive FPM ( eligibility criteria.

7. Question-What are the qualities which IIM Lucknow is looking for in applicants to the programme?

Answer-We are looking for highly motivated and disciplined candidates with strong academic preparation who exhibit curiosity, desire to learn, and have an inclination towards research.

8 . Question-How will I sustain myself for 4-5 years, if I have a family and working in an organization?

Answer-The Exec-FPM students will continue to work with their organizations while pursuing the programme.

9 . Question-How do I apply? What is the process of admission to the programme? Where can I get the forms? Can I apply online?

Answer-Please visit our website link given below for details of application form and submission guideline:

10 . Question- Do I have to take CAT for getting admission in to Exec-FPM?


Yes. Alternatively, those who have valid scores of GRE/ GATE/ GMAT/ JRF-NET (UGC/CSIR) and written test conducted by IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus for its WMP Programme are also eligible to apply. This test is conducted sometimes during first/second week of April 2014.

Those who are appearing for WMP admission test /GRE/GMAT or JRF-NET test may fill in such information relevant column of EFPM application form and provide EFPM admission application information in WMP admission /GRE/GMAT/ GATE/ JRF application form.

11 . Question-What are the important deadlines?


Last Date for submission of admission form: 28th February 2014
Interview: May 2014 Offer Letter: June 2014
Joining: July 2014.

12. Question-What is the purpose of the interview? What is expected at the interview for IIML? Does it help if I come prepared with a research proposal?

Answer-The purpose of the interview is to gauge the academic preparation of the candidate for the programme. It also gives the candidate an opportunity to find out if the programme meets the requirements of the student. Yes you are encouraged to bring a proposal of your research interest during Interview.

13.Question- Is separate accommodation for married people available?

Answer-Right now there is no provision for such accommodation. Upon availability it can be provided.

14. Question- Does the programme accept international students?

Answer-Yes. The programme accepts international students. The eligibility requirements and course structure are the same as for domestic students.

15 . Question-What areas of specialization are offered in the programme?


  • Business Environment
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • General Management

16. Question- What are the important stages in the programme?

Answer-The key stages are:
Course work,
Comprehensive examination, formulation of thesis proposal for Doctoral level research, Thesis Submission and Defense.

The total number of minimum credits for each area within two years would range from 8.0 to 17.0 credits (17.0 credits for non-exempted students in two years and 8.0 credits for exempted students in one year)

17. Question-Do I apply for a specific area or can I choose my area after getting admission?

Answer-You have to apply for a specific area. Area to which you have applied will decide on your suitability for admission. You can change your area of specialization later, under exceptional circumstances.

18. Question-How do I choose my research topic?

Answer-A research topic requires interest and motivation of student and availability of a suitable guide interested in the area. After consulting with EFPM students a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) is formed. TAC will guide students for identifying an appropriate topic.

19. Question-What is the process of getting a scholarship and how much is the amount?

Answer-Since the Exec-FPM students are working professionals, no scholarship will be offered.

20. Question- Is Exec-FPM from IIM Noida recognized as equivalent to a Ph.D.?

Answer-It is a doctoral level program of IIM Lucknow.

21. Question-What is the degree / title that I get at the completion of the programme?

Answer-You are awarded the title, “Executive Fellow of the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow”.

22.Question- Is there any flexibility in the structure?

Answer-No. under exceptional circumstances the EFPM committee may recommend flexibility for approval of competent authority.

23. Question- What is the average completion time for Exec-FPM?

Answer-The total duration of the program will ordinarily be four years and a maximum of six years.

24. Question-What would be the tentative dates for the classes?

Answer-Classes will be held tentatively 5 modules for non-exempted and 3 module for exempted students. In a year the three modules of 21 days of each will be held during last week of july, November and April.

25. Question-Will these classes be held in Lucknow or Noida?

Answer-Classes will be mostly held in IIM Lucknow (Noida Campus) B1, Sec-62 Noida–201307 INDIA.

25. Question-What areas/ sub areas of specialization are covered under General management?

Answer: General management refers to areas/ sub-areas of specialization in the discipline of Business Management not covered in the admission advertisement such as Business Sustainability and Business Communication.

Please note that we are not seeking applications for functional areas: Strategy, IT and Systems and Decision Sciences for 2014 academic year.