Activity of CBS

The Centre for Business Sustainability -

  • Carries out collaborative and innovative research in all relevant aspects of business sustainability.
  • Documents best business practices being followed at the global level in the field of business sustainability.
  • Offers courses related to business sustainability.
  • Conducts short-term and long-term training programmes for corporate and non-corporate sectors so as to expose the participants to latest management concepts in light of business sustainability principles
  • Pursues innovations that address socio-efficiency, socio-justice, marketplace efficiencies, reduced energy and resource consumption, and reduced pollution specially greenhouse gas.
  • Helps entrepreneurs to develop business models which are not only economically viable but at the same time are socially desirable and environmentally responsible.
  • Undertakes consulting assignments to provide inputs to corporate and non-corporate sectors in the area of business sustainability and sustainable development.
  • Helps organizations in identifying training needs with a view to design and deliver training programmes.
  • Organizes seminars, workshops and conferences on themes related to sustainability.
  • Plans to circulate a newsletter that will offer vital latest information and knowledge in the area of business sustainability with a view to share experiences from wide spectrum of stakeholders.
  • In collaboration with different stakeholders, undertakes projects and activities in nearby communities so as to help develop a just, environmentally conscious, and economically prosperous society.