Mission & Objectives


In keeping with the vision and mission of the Institute, the library has been established “to promote knowledge generation and application through its effective dissemination”. The library, therefore, acts as the main learning resource centre of the Institute and provides services and facilities to meet the requirements of the Institute’s teaching, training, research and consultancy programmers.


The library operates with the following objectives:

  • To support the learning process of the PGP/FPM/MDP students through provision of knowledge/information.
  • To meet knowledge/information needs of the faculty, to support their teaching activities.
  • An Information Technology and Software Management Laboratory has been established to provide state-of-the-art software development methodologies, including net based application to the students. This laboratory comprises RS/6000 [AIX UNIX] with 5 Pentium nodes with internet connectivity.
  • To meet knowledge/information needs of the faculty and research staff to support their research activities.
  • To respond effectively, where possible, to the knowledge/information needs of the Institute’s client systems.