Modular Fee structure

The fee for WMP 2017-2019 is INR 12,65,000 which includes tuition, cost of course material, library, computer facilities, cost of international emersion, international travelling, student activities, hostel and mess charges. Participants will stay at the Executive Center at the Noida Campus.

The fee also includes the cost of academic inputs, travel, visa and stay during the International Module. Expenses for boarding and other incidentals like local transport, Internet, telephone, stationery, among others, during the International Module, are to be borne by the student.

The WMP is run over seven terms. The term fee for Term I to III, VI and VII will be Rs. 1, 30,000/- (Rupees One Lakhs Thirty Thousand only)

The term fee for Term IV and V will be Rs. 2, 97,500/- (Rupees Two Lakhs Ninety Seven Thousand Five Hundred only).

In addition to this, there would be an Alumni Membership Fee of Rupees Five thousand only (INR 5,000/-) and Students Activities fee Rupees Ten thousand only (INR 10,000/-) paid as a onetime fee, during the first term registration. Further, candidates also need to deposit an additional amount of Rupees Five thousand only (INR 5,000/-) as a refundable security deposit payable at the time of admission. This would be refunded after deduction of any dues/liabilities at the time of leaving the programme. The Convocation fee of Rupees Five thousand only (INR 5,000/-) would be payable at the beginning of the seventh term, in addition to the requisite term fees.

Total payment at the time of admission therefore will be Rs. 1,50,000 which includes Term I fee and one time payments, including refundable money, as mentioned above. It will be paid in two parts: Rs. 50,000 as acceptance Fee in beginning of June, 2017, and Rs. 1,00,000 at the time of admission.


All applicable taxes will be charged from the students in additional to above mention term fee.