Life at IIM Lucknow

Arnab Goswami might damage his voice after engaging in a two hours long verbal battle with a politician, but the students of IIM Lucknow can scream out loud enough to break records and statistics. Such is the enthralling crowd of the best brains in the country. And such is the rare occasion when these would-be managers do get together to shout.

The 29th batch of PGP entered the gates of IIM Lucknow with a population of diverse background from lawyers to musicians to cricketers to pharmacists… and a smile on each of their faces. Their eyes, wide with self-esteem for getting the IIM tag, were awaiting tears of anxiety and tension in the recent future for the two years ahead. First there was the CAT… which they could all bell. And there they were, more indifferent than ever, about any reason why IIM L could be called Hell.

Day 1

And with the morning alarm on the 18th day of June, the Induction programme began. The Director and the Dean welcomed the Governor of UP, the chief guest of the day. The students in their business formals were already feeling the warmth of being a CEO or, for lesser ambitious people, a VP of some high-paying enterprise. That was a Monday.

A Week Later

A week passed with inflated ego lurking behind wide smiles… only the selfdom to be crushed mercilessly by the Monday that showed up. Thus began the sleepless nights, the night mess coffee and chicken rolls, the management jargons and… hold on your breath… the classes… that got more sleepy than ever. The eyes those were once as wide as anything could now barely remain open. With their heads as heavy as lead… they decided to sleep instead. They hung in slow simple harmonic motions (SHM). And then suddenly, like a bolt in the blue, a surprise quiz was announced. Boom! The SHMs ceased and the sleep disappeared.

The quiz got over and the heads hung low with zeroes running in the mind and the heart pumping fast. And with a bunch of high spirited people around and given the fact that 99 of every 100 persons think they are innocents, the blame was passed on to the professors for a tough paper. The atmosphere went back to normal… the same sleepless nights, the night mess coffee and the drowsy classes. The thoughtfully gullible, the willingly clumsy, the skilfully frenetic, the woeful survivors on milk and cornflakes make IIM L what it is… an unbelievable combination of always-in-a-hurry nerds and unpredictable times.

Seriously Speaking!

Now on a serious note, IIM Lucknow lays great emphasis on the holistic development of the students. It considers case studies from real life business situations as the most relevant learning tools. The institute offers classes that realistically fit into the lives of business executives. Learning isn’t always an individual venture. Professors often form teams of students to enhance peer group learning. Rather than trying to plug in text book response, the students approach business solutions as smart and self-aware leaders and. This forms an imperative part of a truly transformational learning.

Learning is not a one-off thing either. It continues life-long. The institute has a strong alumni base for students to seek leadership and management knowledge from.

The Global Perspective

Being global is no longer just an option for B-schools in a constantly evolving and an increasingly interdependent international marketplace. IIM L attracts international students for a global perspective based on intellectual and cultural diversity. As everything gets globalized and global events give a formation to our future, top management schools from across the world want a slice of experience at IIM Lucknow. Student Exchange Programmes open up the opportunity to enjoy life inside the gates of the beautiful campus. The students of IIM L play host to those from Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and other countries across the world. The Exchange students involve themselves in scores of activities inside campus. On the festival of Diwali the exchange students compete to decorate hostels with lights and colours. It is always a great sight to find exchange students in Indian ethnic wears. It is a symbiotic process of learning, enjoyment and fun between the exchange students and the students of IIM Lucknow… the only time in the year which gives a feeling of living inside a white globe with all those imaginary boundaries removed. Inside the gates of IIM Lucknow, these students smile… they laugh, they participate, they learn, they cherish, they carry home an awesome experience with amazing memories.

A slice of life beyond the tough schedule

Beyond the tough schedule and strict deadlines, clubs and committees have a huge role in IIM Lucknow. Some of them are the Media and Communication Cell, Industry Interaction Committee, Random Walk, Art Strokes, etc.

How should we harness our lessons, great content and brilliant ideas, make them available to the rest of the world as best practices? That’s exactly what the students inside the gates of IIM Lucknow keep asking themselves. They utilise the resources available and come up with ventures. And to support them, Abhiyan, the E-Cell of IIM Lucknow, actively helps them. Abhiyan is one of the most active entrepreneurship committees in business school campuses in India. They organize business plan competitions, give away prizes and take initiatives to provide incubation facilities. Thus, here the budding entrepreneurs sow the seeds of their plan. These are the students who could have enjoyed the comforts of a great job but choose to take the harder way to make a difference. The increasing number of students opting to begin their new ventures after graduating from IIM Lucknow is expected to continue as students become more confident about themselves and the immense resources around them to initiate a new idea. They work out a detailed business plan that usually lists the entry and exit barriers. They identify the potential customers and market segments and position themselves accordingly. They chalk out distribution, promotion and financial strategies, the value proposition for target customers, detailed competitor analysis and strategy for future growth.

The institute encompasses various ventures that implement the classroom theories and see the result for real. Two such businesses running inside the campus are Not Just Tea and Gossip n Bite. Managing academics and business indeed becomes a challenge for the students but that has never stopped these budding managers.

In the midst of classes and quizzes, cultural festivals, management festivals, sports events, competitions and social services are some of the activities that the students get involved in. All this in combination with great food, amazing infrastructure and facilities form the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.

Debalina Haldar
PGP 29


“The Fellow Program in Management” is one of the best graduate programs in management in the country. Starting with academic rigor to having an exposure to all the branches of management science this program helps us achieve a holistic outlook when we start out research. Other than academics I am able to pursue my love for sports as well as the infrastructure in this college is one of the best in the country. The faculty supports the students and helps them with their areas of interest with the right amount of industry exposure, academics and hands on exercises. All in all Life at IIM-Lucknow is pretty enjoyable”

Shirley Mathias


Whatever be your interests outside of research, IIML has something for you. Life, at IIML, is an eclectic mix of academic and extra-curricular pursuits. It includes in its ambit a range of activities which are very actively managed by at least a dozen student committees. These committees ensure, with the infrastructural support of IIM Lucknow, that the institute is front runner in its industry interaction, cultural activities, sports competitions, entrepreneurial pursuits and social contributions. ‘Umang’ is our state-of-the-art fitness, and well-being facility. IIM Lucknow feels blessed to celebrate many festivals, thanks to its multi-cultural and multi-lingual fraternity.

If you look for serenity, next sentence is for you. IIM Lucknow with its lush green campus provides a conducive atmosphere for calm and peaceful academic pursuit.

Manish Popli


Life at IIM Lucknow is actually, full of LIFE!! It promises an enriching, yet thrilling ride. Life at IIML is not just about studying but also about preparing us to deal with real life scenarios. It is more like a rehearsal for the actual life awaiting us. It prepares well on how to manage time, socialize, network and work, all at the same time. IIM Lucknow boasts of students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. This rich mix of cultural and regional diversity, and battle-hardened professionals from all across the globe converge at a common point in search of higher learning. IIML has given me a learning experience that went beyond books and boundaries, opening my mind to more vibrant thoughts. The range of shades and textures covered by the stay at this place has a wide horizon. The extremes of weather, marks, sleep, responsibilities, pressure, parties entail a difference in attitude. In all, we are not just prepared to hone the corporate leadership or teaching skills, but readied to life, in general. I would like to describe my life @ IIML to be a dynamic, onerous yet fun filled phase, which is bound to leave an imprint of its own. I am going to miss this once I get out of here.

Neha Sadhotra


The life in IIM Lucknow campus is an exhilarating experience. Sprawling campus has facilities to cater to almost every need of a scholar in campus, starting from state of the art library to the well equipped gymnasium and swimming pool . The academic year at Lucknow has enough events planned through the year to take away the monotonous academic life. The eateries at campus managed by students also give an opportunity to cater to the budding business talents. Facilities provided at the FPM hostel ensure that you have a homely environment to study and work in. With frequent interactions and get together, the community really becomes home away from home. This also provides a conducive environment to study from your peers as well. The hostels have a healthy mix of bachelors and married scholars providing a very relaxing environment for the scholars.

Issac K. Varghese