Pradeep Kumar
Associate Professor
Specialization : Information Technology and Systems
Qualification :
  • ) PhD (CS) from Hyderabad University
  • M.Tech (CS) from BIT Mesra
  • B.Tech (CSE) from Magadh University
Contact No. : 91-522-6696657, 91-9005372540 (M)
Email Id : pradeepkumar[at]iiml[dot]ac[dot]in
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Bio Data
Pradeep Kumar (Comp Sc and Engg), a Ph.D. from Hyderabad Central University in Computer Science and M.Tech from B.I.T.-Mesra, Ranchi in Computer Science is an academician with IIM Lucknow. He was associated with SET Labs, Infosys Technologies Ltd as a researcher. He served Institute for development and research in Banking Technology (IDRBT), Established by Reserve Bank of India, as a Research Fellow. His area of Interest includes Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Web Mining, Text Mining and big data analytics. In his credit he has more than 30 authored research papers in international journals and Conferences of repute.
Teaching Areas
  • Information Technology Concepts
  • Management Information System
  • Business Analytics and Data warehousing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Information system analysis and Project Management
  • Spreadsheet Modeling
Research Areas
  • Data Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Big Data Analytics
Consulting Areas
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Mining
  • Big Data Analytics
Positions Held
S.N. Name of Institute Designation Date from Date to
1 IIM Lucknow Astt Professor 2nd June 2008  
2 Infosys technologies Ltd Junior research Associate Nov 2006 May 2008
3 IDRBT, Hyderabad Research Fellow Mar 2004 Oct 2006
4 IDRBT, Hyderabad Research Associate July 2003 Feb 2004
Recent Publications, Articles, Cases
  1. Edited a book entitled “Pattern Discovery Using Sequence Data Mining: Applications and Studies” with P. Radhakrishna and Bapi S Raju. With IGI Publishing House in 2011
  1. Mayank Sharma, Pradeep Kumar, B Bhasker, An empirical study of factors resulting to online community formation, Journal of Information Technology and Management, Volume 25 number 2, 2014.
  2. Rajhans Mishra, Pradeep Kumar & Bharat Bhasker  (2014).  An Alternative approach for clustering web user sessions considering sequential information, Intelligent Data Analysis, vol. 18 (2), 2014.
  3. Rajhans Mishra and Pradeep Kumar, "Clustering Web Logs Using Similarity Upper Approximation with Different Similarity Measures," International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 219-221, 2012.
  4. Pradeep Kumar, Kishore Indukuri Varma, Ashish Sureka: Fuzzy based clustering algorithm for privacy preserving data mining: International Journal of Business Information Systems: 2011 Vol. 7 No. 1; pp 27-40 DOI: 10.1504/IJBIS. 2011.037295
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Book Chapter
  1. Kumar, P., Krishna, P. R. and Raju, B. S.: A new measure for sequential Data, in Exploring Advances in Interdisciplinary Data Mining and Analytics By:   David Taniar; Lukman Iwan, Publisher: IGI Global Pub. Date: December 31, 2011
  2. Pradeep Kumar, P Radhakrishna and S Bapi Raju “ Sequence Pattern Mining for Web Logs” in a book entitled  “Pattern Discovery Using Sequence Data Mining: Applications and Studies” edited by Pradeep Kumar et al. published by IGI Global, USA 2011.
  3. Kumar, P., Krishna, P. R. Raju, B. S. and Padmaja, T. M.: Advances in Classification of Sequence Data, Advances in Data Warehousing and Mining, IGI Publisher, 2007.
International Conferences:
  1. Mayank Sharma, Pradeep Kumar, B Bhasker, Influencing Factors for Purchase of Virtual and Digital Goods, 12th International Conference on e-Society 2014, 28 Feb – 2 Mar 2014 , Madrid, Spain.
  2. Mayank Sharma, Pradeep kumar, Bharat Bhaskar and Abhijit Bhattacharya, Incorporating flow theory to Technology Acceptance model for online community formation, ICIW 2013.
  3. Rajhans Mishra, Pradeep Kumar and Bharat Bhasker, Rough set based clustering in dense web domain, 2012 12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA) pp 521-526
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  5. Rajhans Mishra, Pradeep Kumar and Bharat Bhasker, “A Design Framework for Recommender System by Incorporating Sequential Information”, presented at iiWAS 2011, Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam , 5-7 Dec, 2011. ( To be published in ACM Digital Library)
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National Conferences:  
  1. Rajhans Mishra, Pradeep Kumar and Bharat Bhasker, “Design of Recommender System Incorporating Sequential Information Using Web Usage Data” , presented at IIM Bangalore Doctoral Conference (IMRDC-2011) , 11-12 Nov, 2011.
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