Sangeeta Dhawan Misra
Specialization : Business Environment
Qualification :
  • PhD (Economics) from IIT Kanpur
  • MA (Economics)
Contact No. : 0522 6696652 (O) 0522 6696504 (R) 9936104918 (M)
Email Id : sdmisra[at]iiml[dot]ac[dot]in
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Bio Data
Dr. Sangeeta D. Misra obtained her Ph.D from IIT Kanpur in the year 1993 and is currently Professor of economics at IIM Lucknow. She teaches Business Economics,  Industrial Economics and Business Strategy, Macroeconomics, International Business Environment, and Interindustry Economics at IIM Lucknow. She has to her credit several research papers which have been published in journals of repute. In the past, she has conducted several training programmes as programme director at IIM Lucknow for managers of corporate houses and government organisations. Prof. Misra has over eighteen years of experience in teaching, research and consultancy. Her current research interests include industry studies, the role of industrial and financial economics in guiding and shaping business strategy, the use of interindustry economics in shaping policy at the national level, and social cost benefit analysis.
Teaching Areas
  • Business Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • International Business Environment
  • Industrial Economics and Business Strategy
  • Interindustry Economics
Research Areas
  •  Industrial Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Interindustry Economics
Consulting Areas
  • The role of industrial and financial economics in guiding business strategy.
  • The use of interindustry economics in shaping policy at the national level.
  • Social cost benefit analysis.
Positions Held
Sl. No. Name of Institute/Organization Designation Date from Date to
 1.  IIM Lucknow  Chairperson, BE Area  15/04/2004  14/04/2006
 2.  IIM Lucknow  Chairperson(nominee), Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIM Lucknow  22/06/2005  21/06/2007
 3.  IIM Lucknow  Chairperson, Purchase Committee  15/09/2008  15/03/2012
Recent Publications, Articles, Cases
  • ”R&D and Systematic Risk of the Firm : A Study of the Indian Industries”(2011), Journal of Applied Business and Economics, Vol. 12, No. 4.
  • ”R&D Intensity and Market Structure : A Study of the Indian Manufacturing Sector”(2007), International Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 1, Issue 4.
  • Analysis of Risk and Returns: A Study of Indian Industrial Sectors”(2007), International Journal of Indian Culture & Business Management, Vol.1, Nos.1/2, 2007.
Awards & Recognitions
  • Reviewed papers for IIMB Management Review, Metamorphosis, Thunderbird International Business Review, International Journal of Indian Culture & Business Management.
  • Received the Arjun Arora Scholarship for topping the MA exam of my University.