Life at IIM Lucknow

The entrance of the campus opens up to the Academic Block building, crowned by the ‘IIM Lucknow Noida Campus’ signage in bright red. As soon as you enter the campus, you can sense the vibrations of a different life at a different energy level.

The mix of students is eclectic. We don’t just have students here but also deep reservoirs of experience and knowledge in vast and varied range of fields. Engineers, Managers, Doctors, Army personnel, Artists, Entrepreneurs, you name it, we have it! One can only imagine how varied and deeply enriching the interactions are!

Inside the class students hungrily dissect, analyze and debate ideas that never cease to flow in. In all, the true learning experience comes not only from the erudite faculty who are ever pushing the students to think on their feet but also from challenges to their ideas thrown by their own peers. It is truly a dynamic learning environment and again A Fun ONE!

Outside the class, this new life at IIML has given wings to myriad hidden talents. Basketball, football, cricket, badminton, singing, elocution, acting, painting… passions, old and new, are nurtured and showcased time and again. Life at IIM Lucknow’s Noida campus is indeed diversity and fun personified. Out of the class, one never finds a space devoid of sports, fun and light hearted as well as serious conversations.