Strategic Management

Strategic Management Group strives to become a knowledge storehouse for Indian organisational entities by specializing in top management functions and needs in the area of global competitiveness through knowledge creation and dissemination. SMG would accomplish this through new products/services of futuristic nature integrating on multiple knowledge platforms like business planning, industry-structural dynamics, core competence, and entrepreneurship.

The Group is engaged in PGP teaching in the following courses: Strategic Management, Competitive Strategies as compulsory courses; Management of Change, New Venture Planning, International Strategic Management, Mergers & Acquisitions and Management of Control Systems as electives. It runs MDP’s for top management of organisations, both open programmes as well as in-company, offers Consulting services in the areas of strategic management and entrepreneurship, does research in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, core competencies, change management, turn around and transformation, entrepreneurship, strategic excellence , international business strategies and new product development. The group is actively engaged in Case research, and has been founder of Strategic Management Forum of India.