The faculty members in the marketing group are focussing their resources on generating marketing knowledge and practices in the Indian context, adapting the knowledge created elsewhere to the local conditions, developing pedagogical tools like cases, games and articles for disseminating marketing knowledge. The group offers Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy and planning for the first year Post-Graduate students as compulsory courses. For the second year students the group offers the following elective courses; Consumer Behaviour, Advanced Marketing Research, Product Policy and Management, Services Marketing, International Marketing, Sales Management, Industrial Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Advertisement and Sales Promotion, and Distribution and Logistics. For imparting marketing skills to the practicing managers, the group is developing and offering Management Development Programs like, Strategies for Effective Marketing, Managing the Sales Force, Business Forecasting, Services Marketing and marketing of Library and Information Products & Services. Some of the current research works in the progress are Developing Guidelines for Evolving and Modifying Logos, Advance Methodologies for Marketing Research, and Modelling the Consumer Behaviour for Environmental Goods and Services. The faculty members in the group are also involved in consulting for specific problem solving in corporate and non-corporate sectors.