Human Resource Management

The group aims to become a prominent centre for knowledge generation and dissemination within the country and abroad with respect to both corporate and non-corporate organisations (including transitional organisations) in the areas of:

  • Redesigning effective and new forms of organization
  • Human resource management
  • Transition management
  • Cultural and cross-cultural research and its applications to organisations; and
  • Corporate governance

With particular focus on:

  • Designing high performance organisations;
  • Learning organisation and knowledge management;
  • Management of organisational growth and renewal;
  • Management of labour – management relations;
  • Development of human and social capital ;
  • Development of leadership ;
  • Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

To attain its objectives, the Group has already initiated a rich spectrum of activities broadly classified into four: Post graduate teaching, management development programmes, research and consultancy. The FPM programme is a step forward in realisation of the Group’s vision.