Business Environment

The BEG perceives its basic tasks as teaching, research (including case studies) and consultancy with a view to (a) understand the working of the economic system and its relationship with the business sector, (b) analyse the impact of the changing policy regimes on business and (c) anticipate the policy changes that are likely to occur or should occur in view of the national and international developments. The Group would strive to use its expertise to sensitise the students through the PGP and the Fellow Programme by offering new elective courses in the important emerging areas and influence business executives and policy makers in government through organising open/sponsored MDPs, Workshops, Seminars and research/consultancy assignments.

The Group has identified the following special areas of interest for study and research:

  • Macroeconomics & Industrial Policies
  • Policy strategies for global competitiveness – country experiences and their relevance for India
  • Productivity and Technology Management in Indian industry
  • Recent trends in International Trade, Debt and Capital Flows
  • Management in Social Sectors – Education, Health, Environment
  • Infrastructure Management

The Group has been engaged in research and consultancy in the following areas:

  • Management of Infrastructure (Telecommunication and Roads)
  • Technology and Productivity Management in Industries (Steel and Automobiles)
  • Social sector (Primary Education)
  • Comparative Development Strategies
  • Public Systems (Management of UPSEB)
  • Rural Development (Reclamation of Sodic Land)