Effective Contract Management and Negotiation


    In today’s modern business world contracts are a necessity. But, numerous laws, regulations and unforeseen events make dealing with business contracts complicated. Therefore, if you are involved in managing public, private or NGO sector business affairs and contracts, you need to understand the intricacies involved in contract formulation, interpretation, review, performance, enforcement, negotiation, as well as remedies in case of its breach. You also need to know the strengths, weaknesses, risks and the missing terms before signing an agreement so that the final agreement is effective and enforceable

    The management of ongoing business contracts is a daunting task, requiring knowledge, skill and the experience. You should be able to handle all the details necessary for ensuring you get what you bargained for as well as covering you against claims that you haven’t done your part. Here, you need to know your rights, remedies and duties regarding the performance and enforcement of your legal and contractual rights. Balancing the exercise of rights, selection of remedy and ensuring your own duties are also important

    The breach of contract may have serious consequences both to your business and reputation. Therefore, you need to have sufficient evidence should things deteriorate into a breach of contract and enforcement actions become necessary. Before you plunge into a time intensive and expensive process, you should know whether there is a breach at all and if so, what may be the consequences? Is there any scope to avoid litigation and treat the breach? What are your obligations under the agreement and who will pay the costs and lawyer’s fees of an enforcement action? These are some of the issues which you must address if there is an indication of a breach of contract. There are also possibilities that you may have to think whether to file a lawsuit or begin ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution – arbitration, mediation, etc.) or go for negotiation or a combination best suited to your business.


    The Law of Contract is of great significance as all business transactions are based on contracts. Managing legal issues in contracts is essential to guarantee profitability to the organization. Contract management is the process which ensures that both parties to the contract fully meet up their respective obligations as effectively as possible, in order to achieve business objectives under the contract. The purpose of the course is to develop an understanding of legal and managerial issues in contract formulation, performance and enforcement to help avoid some of the pitfalls in contracting and providing a sort of backdrop that makes it easier to deal with lawyers and/or arbitrators should the need occur. The programme is designed to:

    • Impart knowledge about legal issues in contract formulation and the management of domestic & international commercial contracts
    • Examine the principles, practices and issues relating to execution of commercial contracts
    • Understand the remedies available in the event of a breach of contract
    • Apply, appreciate and understand the role of alternative means of dispute resolution
    • Develop an ability to handle more effectively the potential legal risks while managing business contracts

    • An introduction to legal issues in managing business contracts
    • Essentials of a valid business contract
    • Contract Document: General Clauses
    • Principles and practice in formulation and execution of business contracts
    • Remedies for Breach of Contracts: Liquidated damages and penalties
    • Risk Management & Dispute Avoidance
    • Negotiating a contract
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Arbitration
    • International commercial agreements etc. etc.

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    The programme will benefit anyone involved in managing public, private or NGO sector business affairs and contracts, including executives in Industry, Government, Entrepreneurs, State-owned Enterprise Managers, Engineers, Project and Office Managers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Law Officers, Contractors, Sub-contractors and Consultants delivering Contract Services and Support.


    DR. DHARMENDRA S. SENGAR is the Chairman and Professor, Legal Management Area at IIM Lucknow since 1999. He has been the Director, Indian Law Institute, New Delhi; Vice Chancellor, MLS University, Udaipur; Joint Director, Academy of Administration, Nainital & Member of Steering Committee of the Planning Commission of India.

    Having more than 34 years’ experience in academics, administration and management at prestigious organisations in India and abroad, Prof. Sengar was a Senior Fulbright Fellow at the George Washington University Law School, Washington D.C. He also received prestigious Fulbright Alumni Award from US Department of States.

    He was the first Indian to be the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute’s Fellow at University of Calgary, Canada. He has visited/shared experiences at about 40 institutions in more than 10 countries including U.S.A., U.K. and Canada and contributed about 100 publications/ presentations in the form of books, papers/articles in reputed journals.

    At IIML, Prof. Sengar teaches a course on ‘Legal Aspects of Management’ and is a senior management consultant and provides management consulting training to organizations on Employer –Employee Relationship, Contract Labour Management, Contract Management and Law for Managers etc. He regularly conducts MDPs on Contract Law and Management for senior and middle level executives in industry, government and the academia and addresses the participants coming from Indian Oil Corporation, Coal India, ONGC, Hero Motocorp Ltd, HPPCL, Ministry of Railways, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Binani Cement Ltd. contribute sessions on Contract Management and Negotiation.
    It is the Twentieth Programme of Prof. Sengar on Contract Management and Negotiation. In case of clarifications, if any, about the programme, he may be reached through e-mail:dsengar@iiml.ac.in and dsengar1@gmail.com.


    Residential:The programme fee for residential participant is @ Rs 45,000/- plus GST @ 18% or as applicable as per the Govt. of India guidelines. The fee includes the cost of boarding and lodging, tuition, course material, use of the Institute Library, Computer Center, and other infrastructural facilities, etc.

    Non-residential:The programme fee for non-residential participant is @ Rs 41,500/- plus GST @ 18% or as applicable as per the Govt. of India guidelines. The fee includes the cost of food during the course of the programme, tuition, course material, use of the Institute Library, Computer Center, etc.

    EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Nominations received along with the programme fee up to 30 days before the programme date will be entitled to an early bird discount of 10%.

    GROUP DISCOUNT A group discount of 10% on programme fee is admissible provided an organization nominates, and attends a minimum 5 or more of its executives for the programme. Organizations sponsoring minimum 5 or more executives for the programme may avail both the discounts subject to a maximum discount of 20% provided the nominations along with the fee is received at our end 30 days before the programme date.

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