Creativity, Problem Solving and Decision Making


    At times, the problems faced by the organizations may be unique, multifaceted and complex, calling for an applied critical thinking by the team to seek out the solution. This demands a higher level response from the managers and others involved in the process who, in turn, need to be innovative and creative to solve such problems.

    This programme blends the problem solving and creativity in a comprehensive approach to problem solving, decision making and planning. This would help participants discover their creative potential which can tremendously benefit them in professional and personal life.


    The programme aims at helping participants build problem solving and creative thinking skills. The participants would be exposed to the world of creativity and its impact on the problem solving process and decision making ability. Application of a wide variety of tools and techniques in the field of problem solving and creativity would be explicitly discussed and demonstrated during the course of the training

    The programme will enable the participants to:

    • Understand the problem solving and decision making process
    • Comprehend the realm of analytical and creative thinking
    • Appreciate different perspectives of the problems, related decisions and their implications
    • Understand the alternate thinking process and its benefits in solving problems
    • Identify and overcome the barriers in the decision-making process
    • Developing decision-making skills
    • Learn proven problem solving tools and techniques
    • Attain knowledge of the application of several creative thinking tools
    • Value creative thinking as a profit generating tool

    • Problem Solving and decision making process
    • Analytical and creative thinking
    • Problem solving tools and techniques
    • Enhancing decision making skills
    • Barriers to creativity
    • How to discover, nurture, nourish and sustain our creative potential
    • Techniques for group creative problem solving

    A mixed pedagogy of involved lectures, videos, cases, exercises, and subject oriented games would be followed in an experiential learning environment.


    Managers and personnel at middle management level who are going to be the change agents for those organizations which believe in the philosophy that the path of continuous improvement is the way ahead for the organization. Persons involved in problem solving, decision making and implementing those decisions will benefit from this programme.


    Dr. Sushil Kumar is a Professor with the Operations Management Group at Indian Institute of Management Lucknow. He has Ph.D. and M. Tech in the area of Industrial Engineering from IIT Delhi. He has been a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan for a period of 1½ years. His teaching interests are in the area of Operations Management, Problem Solving and creativity, Industrial Engineering and Productivity Improvements. His research interests are in system performance and improvement studies in the area of manufacturing and services.

    Dr. Sushil Kumar has 20 years of teaching, training and consulting experience. He has conducted a number of training programmes for the executives of public/private sector organizations in the area of problem solving, productivity improvements, project management, decision making, etc. He can be contacted at


    Residential:The programme fee for the residential participant is @ Rs 70,000/- plus GST @ 18% or as applicable as per Govt. of India guidelines. The includes the cost of boarding and lodging, tuition, course material, use of the Institute Library, Computer Center, and other infrastructural facilities, etc.

    Non-residential:The programme fee for the non-residential participant is @ Rs 62,500/- plus GST @ 18% or as applicable as per the Govt. of India guidelines. The includes the cost of food during the programme, tuition, course material, use of the Institute Library, Computer Center, and other infrastructural facilities, etc.

    EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Nominations received along with the programme fee up to 30 days before the programme date will be entitled to an early bird discount of 10%.

    GROUP DISCOUNT A group discount of 10% on programme fee is admissible provided an organization nominates, and attends a minimum 5 or more of its executives for the programme. Organizations sponsoring minimum 5 or more executives for the programme may avail both the discounts subject to a maximum discount of 20% provided the nominations along with the fee is received at our end 30 days before the programme date

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Venue: IIM Lucknow campus Residential Fee (excluding GST) : Rs. 70,000/-
Last date to apply : Nov 05, 2017 Residential Early Bird Fee (excluding GST) : Rs. 63,000/-
Start Date : Nov 20, 2017 Non-Residential Fee (excluding GST) : Rs. 62,500/-
End Date : Nov 24, 2017 Non-Residential Early Bird Fee (excluding GST) : Rs. 56,250/-

Last date for availing Early Bird Discount (10%) : Oct 19, 2017

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