Effective Communication for Managerial Success


    Every serious study of managers at work comes to the same conclusion; what managers do more than anything else is communication—with suppliers, customers, colleagues and above all with their staff. Improve communication, and you improve performance. Effective Communication is fast becoming an area of core competence for all business managers and team leaders. In organizations, effective communication transforms a group into a team. It reduces effort, fatigue, and struggle. Work is accomplished more accurately and efficiently, as conflict and stress give way to co-operation and satisfaction.

    It is true that the managers derive authority and status from results — from productivity and profits. But in achieving results, they rely heavily on their communication ability. In persuading and motivating people to produce the kind of results that are needed, their only tool is the written and spoken word.


    In line with the above scenario, the programme on ‘Effective Communication for Managerial Success’ attempts to make the participants aware of time-tested concepts and skill sets critical to hone communication competencies. Speaking with confidence, making and delivering winning presentations, listening actively, writing audience-centric positive and persuasive documents like reports, proposals, media communications, are the key components, the programme will focus on.


    • The art and science of effective communication
    • Interpersonal and group communication skills
    • Active listening and non-verbal communication
    • Communication trends and challenges in corporate context
    • Effective document preparation based on sound research, organization, and documentation
    • Writing winning messages, proposals and reports
    • Preparing and delivering winning presentations

    Conducted in a lab environment, the programme will follow a systematic approach to communication topics from basic skills and principles to more advanced strategies and techniques applied by managers’ every day. With individualized coaching and constructive peer critique, the course content draws extensively on real-life experiences and focuses on case studies, discussions, inspiring films and practical application of communication skills. Besides helping the participants understand their communication profile, the course will also arm them with useful communication tips and tools such as worksheets, checklists, and templates to help them implement what they have learned.


    The programme is aimed at Executives, Middle-level Managers, Programme Managers, Trainers, Teachers and all other Professionals – in Public and Private Sector — interested in sharpening their communication skills.


    Dr. Neerja Pande has more than 24 years of academic, administrative and research experience in premier national and international institutions. Founder Chairperson and Professor in the area of Communication at IIM Lucknow for about sixteen years, Dr. Pande has also been associated with Jaypee Business School as Director and European School of Management, Paris, Fergusson College, Pune, Lucknow University, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta and IIM Indore as full time or visiting faculty. An accomplished communication consultant, Dr. Pande specializes and publishes in the area of Leadership and Persuasive Communication. Her recent co-authored book ‘Business Communication: Making Connections in a Digital World’ is a prescribed textbook in premier business schools.

    A national scholarship holder and a UGC scholar she became a Harvard affiliate in 2010 when she was nominated as a high performer by IIM Lucknow and went to attend the Global Programme on Participant Centered Learning at Harvard Business School, Boston. She has the distinction of running some of the most sought after electives on ‘Persuasion’ and ‘Leadership’ at IIM Lucknow. One of her own favorites’ is ‘Leadership through Literature’ which aims at creating perspectives on leadership through literary pieces that bring out human character and complexities. Dr. Pande loves reading classical literature, philosophy and listening to Sufi music in her spare time. She can be reached at neerja@iiml.ac.in.


    Residential:The programme fee for residential participant is @ Rs 45,000/- plus GST @ 18% or as applicable as per the Govt. of India guidelines. The fee includes the cost of boarding and lodging, tuition, course material, use of the Institute Library, Computer Center, and other infrastructural facilities, etc.

    Non-residential:The programme fee for non-residential participant is @ Rs 41,500/- plus GST @ 18% or as applicable as per the Govt. of India guidelines. The fee includes the cost of food during the course of the programme, tuition, course material, use of the Institute Library, Computer Center, etc.

    EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Nominations received along with the programme fee up to 30 days before the programme date will be entitled to an early bird discount of 10%.

    GROUP DISCOUNT A group discount of 10% on programme fee is admissible provided an organization nominates, and attends a minimum 5 or more of its executives for the programme. Organizations sponsoring minimum 5 or more executives for the programme may avail both the discounts subject to a maximum discount of 20% provided the nominations along with the fee is received at our end 30 days before the programme date.

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Venue: IIM Lucknow (Noida campus) Residential Fee (excluding GST) : Rs. 45,000/-
Last date to Apply :Oct 25, 2017 Residential Early Bird Fee (excluding GST) : Rs. 40,500/-
Start Date : Nov 08, 2017 Non-Residential Fee (excluding GST) : Rs. 41,500/-
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Last date for availing Early Bird Discount (10%) : Oct 12, 2017

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